Do you have an innovative, feasible idea in your mind? Do you want to bring that Idea in to the reality? What? Lack of funds stopping you to move ahead? May be you should ask your friends and family to make a contribution. But you know they have their own problems, hardly anyone of them will agree to support you. So, is this an end of your promising project? Certainly Not!
Social media and the internet is changing with a great speed and provide us with many fruitful opportunities and new ways of online fundraising to take our ideas off the ground.
Many crowdfunding websites are emerging on the Internet and helping many businesses and people who have entrepreneur’s instinct to raise funds and achieve their objective. These sites connect producers with patrons, cause with contributors and entrepreneurs with investors.
What is Crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding is a process of raising money with the help of huge number of people who make a contribution. It is an alternate finance, which emerged as an alternative for traditional financial system. It is a brilliant method of fund raising through combine efforts of customers, friends, family and individual investors. Before the arrival of the concept of crowdfunding and crowdfunding platforms, venture, project or promising ideas involved requesting few individuals for huge sum of money. Crowdfunding turns this idea around and make the internet as a prime entity to ask large number of individual for small amount of money. Crowdfunding pulls together a community of investors to help startups and entrepreneurs raise funds and get their objectives accomplished.
How it works?
Though, every site has different rules the function remains the same at a great extent. Usually, people create an account, pitch their ideas, set their objective and deadline for raising capital.
Potential clients, patrons or investors review pitches, choose the one which they find promising to invest their money. If you are an owner of startup or have a promising business ideas Crowdfunding platforms such as kickstarter, MicroVentures or Satrangi Capital, can help you find a pool of investors and service providers to take your ideas to the next level. They are a business marketplace that brings investors, startups, entrepreneurs and service providers together where they can sell and buy ideas, buy inventions, buy patens, sell business online and reap the benefits of crowdfunding in a better way.
Crowdfunding is the best option in twenty-first century for online fundraising. There are typically three types of crowdfunding. Debt crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding and donation crowdfunding. As per your fund raising goal, you can reap the benefits of any one of these crowdfunding. Crowdfunding platforms offer you a great place to safely ask investors or consumers for money. It helps you promote your ideas and meet strangers that help you make your dream come true.

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