Though it is trendy, most homemakers don't seem too eager to make the shift from real to artificial grass. Appearance wise, artificial grass looks just as nice and uniform as natural grass. They are variegated properly to give it a more realistic colour and don't require much maintenance.

One may argue that going for grass seeds would be more rational in terms of money. But considering the complications one has to undergo in taking care of them, especially in different weather conditions, it becomes a difficult chore to handle. Artificial grass is also expensive in comparison to its natural counterpart, and for that reason; there are still some homeowners who are holding themselves back from installing it in their lawns.

Straightening Things Out:

  • Artificial grass lasts longer than real grass. It can last for ten years at a stretch if installed properly.
  • It is great for kids to play on without getting hurt.
  • No need to add any fertilisers or pesticides to control infestation.
  • Great for any housewarming party, weekend open-air barbeques or a game of Frisbees.

And Most Importantly: Rain Or Shine, They Will Look Unaffected, Gorgeous and Steadfast Perfect.

Taking into account the last point, this is one aspect which so many homemakers love about artificial grass surfaces. Regardless of the weather being soggy or sweltering; one can expect these synthetic grass surfaces to be lush, green, at the perfect height and eye-pleasing.

artificial grass

During Torrid Summers:

When the weather is steaming hot and dry, one needs to water their natural grass surface consistently. Or else, they risk losing the garden's grandeur. But artificial grass doesn't require watering every day to stay strong and true to its hue. This allows one to conserve water (an essential criterion stated down by the Australian government). Plus it also allows one to save their precious time and money.

One doesn't have to ponder over dirt, soil and debris sticking on their feet and entering into their interiors. This is another good advantage especially if there are small kids and pets in the house.

And in Soggy Seasons:

Using synthetic grass for landscaping gardens in Baldivis is common not just because it reduces their headaches and workload in summers, but also due to its adequacy in wet seasons.

The issue during rainy seasons is that the water makes the garden a slip-fest. This can prove dangerous for kids and pets that play outside.

Lay foot on those wet grassy surfaces and BAAM! Not a particularly good invitation for anyone of the family members to go out and spend some alone-time.

However, as surprising as it may sound, artificial grass doesn't get slippery, and that helps reduce injuries and accidents to a minimum. An artificial turf beckons one to come and play without any injury probabilities.

How Super Cool Does That Sound?

The Moral of the Scenario:

Artificial grass requires one to make an investment. And more importantly, requires homeowners to find out quality garden landscapers in Mandurah to complete the garden refurbishment.

They are worth every dime of the investment, and after installing them, one will also say out loud-

Rain or Shine: Synthetic Grass Seems Perfectly Fine!

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