Rain chains have defined the outdoor décor with their functional as well as decorative features. These are a functional substitute to a conventional downspout and add refined style to any home. Also known as “Kusari Doi" in Japanese, rain chain dates back to more than a hundred years. Rain chains are placed around gardens, temples and homes for conserving rainwater by directing it into various cisterns. The collected water can be used for gardening or drinking purposes.

Rain chain is a unique and attractive piece of art that is popular among Japanese for adding positive energy to any outdoor space. These hand crafted rain chains are gaining popularity across the globe. Rain chains are admired for creating an interesting water feature. Rain chain works well with rain barrels as the rainwater is collected in these. The stored water can be used for gardens and landscaping needs and other household purposes. Water conversation becomes fun and exciting with rain chains.

Rain chains not only direct rainwater from gutter system to the ground but also bring peace and serenity to the outdoor living space. Listening to the sound of rainwater running through the rain chain brings in harmony and calmness to one’s soul. These chains are made of pure copper and available in various lengths which include triangular hangers. The copper rain chain is highly demanded as copper does not erode, becomes green with age and is durable. Copper rain chain is available in cup style floral with wider mouth and arrow ending to facilitate smooth water flow; this also reduces water splashing.

A wide selection of rain chains is available to choose from that is best for conserving water. The rain chain with large cups is ideal for high rainfall-density area. The links can also be chosen from round links interconnected, teardrop links, the chain link or diamond link. The rain chains are designed keeping in mind the functionality and decorative need of customers. These chains are easy to install and are available with installation instructions. However, in case roof structure is complex, expert’s help is advised.

The copper rain chain ends with a bottom connector to increase the length of chain. It also enhances the architectural accent of the home or garden not only with its design but with the tinkling sound of water running down. Smooth round rocks can be spread round the rain barrels or containers to make the sight picturesque. Rain chains are a visual treat and bring immense pleasure and delight.

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