The Indian Railways is considered as one of the world’s largest rail networks and has the largest passenger carrier. India's railway network is recognized as the largest railway systems in the world under single management. Indian Railway network is growing at a healthy rate.

Increasing urbanization coupled with rising incomes (both urban and rural) is driving growth in the passenger segment. Increasing industrialization across the country has expanded freight traffic over the last decade.

Indian Railways has certainly determined to invest into increasing the capacity of the subsist tracks which will be taking advantage of the passenger and moreover about the freight movement. The Railway Board as well as Zonal Railways are undertaking and working towards enacting the report of the Committee for Mobilization of Resources for Major Railway Projects and Restructuring of Railway Ministry.

The Government of India has focused on investing in railway infrastructure by making investor-friendly policies and because of that reason there are many Reasons to Invest | Investment Opportunities in India for Foreign Investors In Railway Sector :

→High-speed train projects
→Upcoming dedicated freight lines
→ Coach manufacturing and maintenance facilities
→Railways electrification
→Signalling systems
→Passenger terminals
→Network expansion.
→Railways technical training institutes
→High speed train projects
→Testing facilities and laboratories
→Technological solutions for manned and unmanned level crossings
→Redevelopment of railway station
→Technological solutions to improve safety and lessen accidents.

The Indian Railways is also looking forward to award 6 railway tenders worth $ 1.2 bn, for setting up a country-wide electricity transmission network as part of a strategy to reduce electricity bills. Indian Railway is committed to leveraging the latest technology, employee training and infrastructure upgrades on stations and trains to increase customer satisfaction.

Additionally, the railways has now provided WiFi facilities to 3,767 railway stations.

Indian Railways declared and also published railway tenders on 31 March 2017 that the country's entire rail network would be electrified by 2022. Indian Railways is focusing to expand its freight traffic to 3.3 billion tonnes by 2030 from 1.1 billion tonnes in 2017.
In the next 5 years, Indian railway market is going to be the third largest, accounting for 10% of the global market. Indian Railways, which is one of the country's biggest employers, can generate one million jobs.

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