It has recently been reported that rage could be the result of what is going on for someone at a biological level. And while this has been said, they have also wondered if it’s the other way around; with rage causing ones biology to change and not ones biology causing the rage.

However, whether one is an expert when it comes to biology or not, it is not going to be much of a surprise to hear that when one feels a certain way, their physical body also mirroring the experience.

But to say that ones biology is causing one to feel rage or any other emotion, means that one is nothing more than a passive observer. And that they have no control and are therefore not responsible for how they feel or don’t feel.

To look at it this way would mean that drugs would be one of the few options. This would treat the ‘machine’ and put at end, at least momentarily, to what the body is doing. Based on this outlook, the mind and the body are separate and they are both doing their own thing.

The Old Way

So if rage is a problem for someone, they could end up becoming dependent on drugs or another outside source. And if one has struggled with this for most of their life, then this might sound like the only solution available.

The need to go deeper is then taken away and all because someone out there is giving them the ‘answers’ they need. This is like the parent that does everything they can for their child, the child may enjoy it, but it keeps them in a regressed state of being.

They are unable to grow up and to realise who they are. In this example, the parent gets a sense of power and control. But when it comes to the drug companies, not only do they experience power and control over people, they also receive money and lots of it.


This is not to say that drug companies as a whole and everyone who works for them are hell bent on keeping people in a dependent and powerless state. But this is one of the consequences that arise from telling people that they have very little, if any, control over what is going on for them.

Fortunately, this is a time where people are beginning to realise their power and are no longer willing to give it away. To move from this dependent and powerless state of being, to their true state of being empowered and interdependent


In the western world, there is a complete focus on what is going on in ones physical body. And this has gradually gone on to include what is going on in ones mental body. What hasn’t yet been included is ones emotional body and this means that a lot of valuable information is going unnoticed.

One way to lose touch with this body is through being stuck in one’s head. And this generally happens as a result pain building up in the body; living in one’s head is then what feels safe. From this position, ones physical body is separate and one has no control over it.

This then comes down to the same reason; with it being likely that one left their body because it was too painful and they now can’t get back into their body because of the pain they will experience.

The Mystery

So as one has left their body, it is not much of a surprise that they don’t understand why they feel as they do or what is going on there. It’s a bit like standing by a swimming pool and wondering what it would be like to experience it.

It would be obvious that one needs to get into the pool in order to understand what it is like. And the same thing applies to understanding oneself. One needs to get back into their body and as they do this, the answers will start to appear.

When one is not in the water, they are going to rely on the people who are in there to tell them what it is like. And sometimes these people will be honest, but at other times they will say things that are inaccurate or only reflect what they are going through.

And to be out of one’s body means that one will look outside for the answers and these might be right, but they could also end up being completely false.


To experience rage could make one feel out of control and all kinds of damage could ensue as a result. Ones relationships and their healthy could suffer, as well as their career. This could be something they experience on a regular basis or on the odd occasion.

And being around others may not be necessary for one to feel rage, as they could be by themselves and their thinking alone could be enough to trigger it. Rage is similar to anger; the difference being that it is far stronger and is more of a whole body experience. It is not just a feeling; one can end up being possessed by it and lose all control.


One can then end up stuck in the rage and after a while, return to how they were. They could feel guilty and ashamed for what they did or feel that they were justified in how they reacted. But as this all happens so fast, they might not even be aware of why they became filled with rage in the first place.

However, even though one can be out of touch with their full emotional spectrum, they can still be in touch with things like: anger, rage, irritation, hate. These emotions appear when one feels threatened in some way and that their survival is at risk.

Under The Rage

So under the rage or any of the other emotions mentioned above, is going to be a sense of violation and compromise. And what the rage does is allow one to avoid feeling these deeper emotions.

To feel them would cause one to feel vulnerable and to feel rage allows them to feel safe and protected.


And one may have had one experience or numerous experiences where they felt violated recently or many years ago. With the anger from that moment or moments, staying inside them and building until it became rage. This could go back to when one was a child or a baby and been the result of some kind of abuse or neglect.

But because it was so long ago, one has lost touch with what actually happened. What they haven’t lost touch with is how angry it made them feel.


So time has passed and yet the emotional experiences of the past have stayed trapped in their body. And whenever they get into a situation that reminds them off it, everything gets triggered and one over reacts.

It will be important for one to release the emotional experience from their body and then they will have no reason to feel rage. They will be able to be present, instead of projecting their past onto the present.

This can be done with the assistance of a therapist or a healer who will allow one to face their emotions and gradually release them.

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