Who does not recognize the name of Rafael Nadal, the professional tennis player? Apart from being called the ‘King of Clay’, he is currently the king of the game. He is ranked as the No. 1 tennis player by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP)

Nadal has 9 Grand Slam titles to his name along with an Olympic gold medal won in 2008. He also holds a record of winning 19 ATP World Tour Masters 1000 tournaments. It is lesser know that he has had tremendous doubles results, he won the Spain Davis Cup in 2004, 2008 and 2009. When he achieved the career Grand Slam in 2010, he was crowned as the youngest player of the era to do so.

Rafael Nadal’s Style of Play

Nadal’s style is very distinctive. Early in his career he was easy to define… A baseliner, a clay court player. Now the world's #1 is anything but easy to define. Rafa became #1 and decided he still had to get better. Nadal has awesome groundstrokes with fierce spin, but now he can flatten out the ball and can be more agressive. On top of that, his volleys and touch are second to none.

Rafael Nadal’s Equipment

·      Tennis Racket: Rafa plays with a Babolat AeroPro Drive GT Racquet along with a 16 gage Babolat RPM string. Nadal's racquet is made up of graphite and tungsten and is one of the lighter racquets used on the pro tour. Nadal can whip the racquet extremely quickly through the strike zone which, allows him to produce his signature top spin.

·      Shoes: For his tennis shoes, Rafael Nadal uses the Nike Air Court Ballistec 3.3. The shoe is perfect for Nadal's playing style. The Shoe is great for play on clay courts and other surfaces. The Nike shoe maintains a good grip on the court and allows him to change direction swiftly. Nadal's shoe is also known to be durable with layering on the sole and the upper part of the shoe.

With his signatures style and gear, Nadal is sure to be the king of the court for a long time.

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