Radical Self Forgiveness

As you know I’ve been writing and speaking about the Divine Feminine a lot lately. I always make a point to explain that this is a Feminine that we haven’t known before. It’s the Powerful Feminine. I’m not talking about women owning their power through masculine energies which is what we began to do during the feminist movement. The Divine Feminine is about embracing our womanhood and being empowered through it. Then we can actually become the Feminine Face of God.

You cannot fully express your Feminine Face of God if you continue to live your life under the guise of a limited being or as God’s afterthought. You must be willing to give up the definitions of yourself that have been passed down generation through generation.

This requires an honest understanding of our personal and our collective past and to forgive ourselves for it. Until this is done the past will continue to be your source of excuses to not Be Your Brilliance.

Being Your Brilliance is about living to your highest potential, which requires that you give up the responsibility of everyone else’s happiness and accept the responsibility of your own. You will have to release the idea of living up to anybody’s expectations other than yours. You will have to break free from the box that you have allowed others and yourself to place you in. Don’t wait for permission; you’re not going to get it. Permission must come from you.

You will never be able to do any of these things until you practice Radical Self Forgiveness. There is absolutely no room for guilt when you are Being Your Brilliance. As long as you have any sense of guilt whether conscious or subconscious (which most is subconscious) you will never have the life you long for, or used to long for, if you’ve already given up on the possibility of it. Many women have given up. They just accept where they are often too exhausted from doing too much for others and not enough for herself, all the while feeling even guiltier for being exhausted.

Radical Self Forgiveness only happens when you can look at every experience you’ve had and deem it a blessing by seeing the gift that was born of it. It’s giving up the idea that the past could have been or even should have been any different. Guilt always leads to punishment. Not punishment from another, no that’s unnecessary because you will subconsciously punish yourself by deflecting much of the joy, freedom, prosperity and love that is yours by Divine Right. You will continue to see yourself as “small” and unworthy.

Forgive Yourself and Be Your Brilliance!

Powerfully Feminine,

Michelle Lee, CH

Author's Bio: 

As a Certified Hypnotherapist, emotional freedom technique (EFT) practitioner, Soul Realignment Practitioner and intuitive Michelle specialized in Self-love, Radical Self-Forgiveness and Women’s Empowerment.

Michelle combines her mastery of the powerful modalities of EFT, hypnosis and soul clearing to facilitate quick and profound transformations for her clients.

Michelle also has a unique ability to intuit her clients limiting beliefs not only by what is said but also by what is “not said” then presenting them to the client in a way that provides profound paradigm shifts often instantly!

Women’s empowerment is Michelle’s passion.� “I love seeing women who have been “playing small” finally give themselves permission to express their Magnificence!”� Michelle Lee