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Based on direct observation, myself and other Health and Medical Intuitives observe human cells are born healthy and know how to be healthy on their own.

Human cells do not have to be taught how to be healthy; they are born knowing their job. This is Radical Cell-Wellness. Find the "why" part further on in this book.

Cells dysfunction only when interfered with.

Only two things can interfere with healthy cell function:

- Physical toxins, accidents and nutritional deficiencies; that is, visible-tangible disturbances.

- Frequency interference from EMF sources, noise, excessive ultraviolet light; but mostly from unresolved mental-emotional negativity circulating in our self-talk, consciously, sub-consciously and unconsciously.

If you allow-promote-create enuf oppression-disturbance to build up at cellular frequencies; eventually, the cells break down and dysfunction.

This above briefly summarizes a holistic Theory of Illness.

Conventional materialism objects to this theory like this:

"How can something invisible, with origins in the past, affect cells in the present?"

Conventional materialism benefits from recognizing two facts in this area.

One is mental-emotional energy is several orders of ten more potent energetically than physical matter. This means it's possible for us as souls to allow-promote-create-let in disturbing energies many times more energetic than our cells. In other words, it's not one-to-one; instead, one negative can destroy thousands of cells and daily.

The toxicology analogy

Even a little psychic negativity can register powerful influence on our cells. Toxicology is precisely analogous here on a physical level: even minute amounts of some toxins can impair function or kill you.

In clinical situations, major trauma, like PTSD, is far more common than thorium or brown recluse poisoning. PTSD stored for long periods, can cripple healthy cell function and often does.

More detail on mental-emotional negativity

Shameful and “I’m no good,” messages exist consciously, sub- and unconsciously.

Our cells are live in the unconscious frequencies of our consciousness. “I’m no good,” messages at their frequency are experienced as oppression-disturbance.

Second, conventional materialism science does not recognize our immune system is functionally the same as our inner child.

Our rational self--us from the neck up--lives in sequential time and space. Our inner child does not live in sequential time and space. It only lives in fairy tale time and space--all memories, stories and unresolved traumas happening now.

You used to see this "everything at once, all fairy tales happening forever at once" on the end pages of collections of children's literature from the 1930s thru the late 1950s; i.e. Book House volumes. They would show Puss n'Boots walking by Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, with the Big Bad Wolf hiding behind the next tree--all happening at once--and--over and over and over.

In fairy tale time, past, present and future are all NOW; our memories, habits and behaviors are all NOW for the inner child in a way unfamiliar and disorienting to the isolated and psychologically naive conscious self.

Because our inner child is also functionally equal to our immune system, our immune system is constantly affected by the sum total of unresolved psychic negativity every moment. Over time healthy cell function is worn down and diminished simply from the task of carrying-moderating all these toxic frequencies.

Theory of Anti-aging

The converse is also true: the fastest way to reduce and slow down the aging process is to subtract unresolved energetic burdens on your cells.

The Plan for Earth embodiment is set up for both additive and subtractive processes of growth. The additive process is accomplished thru learning the rules and regulations of reading, writing and arithmetic in the local culture we are born into.

The subtractive process is accomplished only thru personal-spiritual growth. In virtually all cultures at this time, choosing this education is an individual matter. I can think of no local culture larger than some trainers, like Tony Robbins and some progressive churches, actively encouraging inviting people to participate in clearing blocks and obstacles to happiness and success.

The unresolved disturbances you can resolve and "subtract" from your cells, the younger you will look and feel. Do as many as you can, as best you can. Effort counts.

Forgiveness and self-forgiveness is the most effective subtractive tool known at this time. A complete improved protocol for self-forgiveness, in harmony with Radical Cell-Wellness is freely shared on this site. Search for "Slow-Motion Forgiveness" (TM) or "Forgiveness, The Missing Manual."

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