Working out the perfect heating system for your home is an essential task. If you get the heating wrong it can costs you more money and time. Expert heating engineers can offer radiator calculator services that can make sure your heating is right first time.


Choosing the right boiler to heat your home can be difficult for beginners. There are many different makes and models of boilers available. Some can cost thousands of pounds and this is a big initial expense for your heating system.

Get as much advice as you need from specialist heating engineers. They will be able to guide you towards the right boiler for your budget and requirements.


Radiators are another important consideration for new heating systems. There is no point spending a lot of money on a new boiler if you do not calculate the number of radiators you need properly. Expert heating engineers will offer special radiator calculator services to homeowners. This will help you to understand the variables involved in heating rooms and choose the right number and size of radiators to heat your home.

• There are many different types of radiators available. This can include conventional stainless steel radiators and cast iron radiators.

• It doesn’t really matter which type of radiator you choose when it comes to using a radiator calculator.

• As long as the radiator output matches the requirements you have worked out with your radiator calculator.

• The output will be calculated in both watts and British Thermal Units (BTU).

• The heat output you require is typically based on how much heat you would need approximately to heat a room up to the required temperature in one hour from 3 degrees centigrade.

• Manufacturers list their radiators in these measurements of outputs so it is just a matter of shopping around until you find the matching product for your output needs.

Online Radiator Calculator Services

You could use online radiator calculator services to work out your own heating requirements. Online radiator calculator services are very practical ways for you to save money on your heating renovation projects. When you use a radiator calculator online then you will be able to work out for yourself how many radiators you need for your rooms and what size to choose. If you are in any doubt then opt for radiators that can offer a higher output. You can then fit a thermostat and adjust the output according to the room later on.

• Online radiator calculator services will take into account a range of complex factors including:

• The size of rooms and any open plan spaces

• Heat loss factors such as windows, cavity walls, patio doors, French windows etc.

• Exposed sites or homes that experience extremely cold weather.

• New builds that can offer the latest insulation technology

• Older properties with poor insulation and draft rooms.

• Lower heat requirements for bedrooms

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Radiator calculator services can help you to get your heating requirements right first time. This will ensure you are making the most of the money you are investing on home heating renovation.