One thing that could be said about today’s world is that it is a time where people are standing up for each other, and it doesn’t matter where someone is from or what they look like, for instance. This has meant that certain people, who didn’t have a voice before, now have the chance to speak up and to let others know what they are going through.

Whereas in the past, it was a lot harder for people to do this, and this often meant that it was normal for someone to suffer in silence. Now, this is not to say that people know longer suffer; what it comes down to is that there is a greater chance of someone being able to reach out to others.

A Problem Shared Is a Problem Halved

This doesn’t necessarily mean that people no longer have to suffer; what it means is that they don’t have to suffer in silence. They can talk to people who have gone through what they are going through, or who are going through the same experience.

As a result of this, it can make it easier for them to handle what they are going through. There is also the chance that this will allow someone to completely change their circumstances; it can all depend on what they are going through.

The Internet

One reason why it is easier than ever before to be supported is because of the internet, and this means that one can be anywhere in the world. The support they receive can then come from a country on the other side of the planet, but this won’t matter.

As long as one has a device that allows them to connect to the internet and an internet connection, they will be able to reach out. They could then end up coming into contact with like minded individuals, or they might even be able to talk to a big organisation that can give them the support they need.

Into The Light

Therefore, what used to be in the darkness and out of the public eye can now come into the light, so to speak. One may have something to share that makes some people feel uncomfortable, but there is a strong chance that there will be some people who are not offended by what they have to talk about.

Having said that, one may find that people end up responding in a way that goes against what they expected. In this case, they can end up being overwhelmed by the support, and this can make them realise that they are not alone.

Significant Changes

And as a result of the internet and social media in particular, change can take place in a short period of time, and this shows what can happen when people work together. One of the reasons why certain movements don’t get the support they need is that it is not always possible for them to get the support they need.

Nowadays, all it takes is for one person to create a video and then to share this video on a social media site. In a short period of time, they can end up having a greater impact than a big company.

The Importance of Thinking

Once something is given exposure, it can end up being on someone’s mind, and this means that they can start to think about it. If it is already on their mind and relates to something they already support, it might cause them to believe that the world is going in the right direction.

However, thinking about something gives someone the chance to look at their own outlook in relation to what they are hearing about. On one side, hearing about something could cause them to question what they believe and then to go from there, and on the other side, they could just dismiss what they hear and carry on as they are.

The Other Factor

What this shows is while information can be presented, the effect it has will depend on how the individual responds to what they hear. This is not to say that people always change their views through choice, as they can change through being conditioned to change.

But when this happens, it can be a sign that they still have the same outlook; the only difference is that they have disconnected from what they really believe. For example, when one is unable to express how they feel, they can end up going to the other extreme.

Reaction Formation

This is something that is often described as ‘reaction formation’, and it is a defence mechanism. On the outside, one can come across as though they have changed, but this is just an illusion.

When one is able to think critically about that they believe, they won’t need to create a false-self. They will be able to face what is taking place within them, and this shows that they are able to detach from what it kiang place within them.

The Intellect

If one hasn’t got the ability to think in this way, it could be said that it will be normal for them to be conditioned to change their mind and to create a false-self in the process, or they will simply dismiss what they hear and continue to live in ignorance. This shows how important critical thinking is.

Another way that someone can change their outlook is through experience, and when this happens, the thinking part could be seen as what takes place after. For instance, someone who does like other races could end up being helped by another race and this could be enough for them to change their whole outlook.


While progress has been made when it comes to eradicating racism, there is still more work to be done. However, if someone has the ability to think critically, it can be a lot harder for them to be racist.

For one thing, no matter what someone looks like, they are still a human being, and this means that they are part of the human race. Along with this, the human heart only knows love and doesn’t judge.

Thinking Critically

When one can think critically, it doesn’t mean their whole being will be in agreement with what is taking place in their mind, and this is because their body can still feel the need to hold onto a certain outlook. But part of being a conscious human being means that someone can observe what it taking place within them as opposed to always being controlled by their emotions and instincts.

If it isn’t possible for one to detach from what is taking place within them, and they have been brought up by people who were racist or lived in a country that encourages racism, for instance, it can be a lot harder for them to accept people who look different.


This is shows why it is important for someone to develop their intellect on one hand and to have an open heart on the other. A developed intellect can allow them to think critically and to detach from what is taking place within them, and an open heart can allow them to accept others.

The intellect can be developed through learning, questioning things and through meditation, and the heart can be opened by working through emotional pain.

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