Cannabis has been considered a common used illicit drug for many years as well as getting the reputation of being a "gateway drug" to heavier drugs such as heroin.

When a person decides to quit smoking weed, it may not be an easy process. For heavy cannabis smokers, Depression and Anxiety are common symptoms after Quitting Weed . Some marijuana users can experience several weeks or even months of withdrawal symptoms.

Helpful Tips to Relieve Depression & Anxiety Symptoms After Quitting Weed.

Maintain Proper Nutrition
Avoid Junk Food - (sugary, fried foods)
Stay Hydrated
Holistic Approach
Alternative Therapies such as outpatient rehab or therapy.

Author's Bio: 

Benjamin Kaneaiakala III, MBA, LAADC is the C.E.O. and Owner of Phoenix Rising Behavioral and just celebrated his 30 year sobriety birthday! He is dedicated and passionate about helping people and providing them with the tools necessary for recovery.