The great majority of those around us see work and daily activities as unpleasant, difficult and boring, certainly not something to be grateful for. A few discover the joy of work and the peace and satisfaction that flows from their gratitude for the opportunity.
I know that of which I speak. When I am in a workshop talking about the need for a positive attitude, I sometimes ask if there is anyone who gets up on a Monday morning and says, “Thank God it’s Monday.” The room of students usually breaks into loud laughter. What a foolish thing to say. Is he crazy ? Perish the thought of being thankful about another week of work. Think rather of the coming weekend five days away and say, “Thank God Friday is coming.”
How sad that so many spend their time, energy and life in work that does not satisfy, when a change in perspective would make such a difference.
You might wonder how this change might come about. Someone in a training session asked that very question one day. A young lady who we will call Gwen said, “Vince, you don’t understand ! If you had to work with the people I work with and with the boss I have, you would feel hopeless too.” They always say that. It’s always someone else’s fault. Its always “them”, never us. She continued, “Sometimes I feel like quitting my job.” I shocked her by suggesting that maybe that’s exactly what she should do. She looked at me in stunned silence, so I continued. “Yes” I said, “Quit your job ! On Friday afternoon, clean your desk and say to yourself, I am not coming back.”
Now, I had her attention. She listened respectfully as I gave her instructions on changing her perspective. “When you get home” I said, “have a long talk with yourself. Tell yourself that on Monday morning you are going back to a new job, because you will have a new attitude . . . . . a new perspective !
Write a list of all the positives you can be grateful for about your job. The first positive is you have a job. Then, someone took a chance and started a business. Be grateful that this person had the courage to take the risk, and asked you to help them. Be grateful for your fellow employees who are working with you to make the business a success. Be grateful for the country you live in that allows these opportunities to exist.. Be thankful for your government that legislates safe environments and working conditions. There are other positives, and if you look you will find them. Make a gratitude list. Write them down. Then make a list of the things you are going to change in your thinking. You will be more appreciative of others. You will be thankful for the company that provides you with the opportunity of a job. You will do your best at your job. By the time you have done this it will be Monday morning. Put on your best dress and say out loud, “Thank God it’s Monday” and go out to your new job.”
It is not easy changing your perspective. Your perspective is the result of the thoughts and actions over the past which your subconscious mind has accepted as true. So now you have the challenge of changing those “tapes” that are playing out in your mind. You have a job now as Chief Programmer. You will have to repeat, repeat, repeat the new message. Put it on a small card and carry it with you. Its called an Affirmation Card. You are going to affirm something. . . . . “I am thankful for my new attitude of patience, courage and hope”. Make a few more and use them. It won’t be easy. But think of the change that it will bring about in your life. From frustration and blame to happiness and appreciation. And you will be healthier too.

Excerpt from “Life One-0-One: Find your Purpose”
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