QuickBooks Pro is a business accounting software mostly suitable for personal and small business accounting. It is the most basic edition of QuickBooks among all QuickBooks editions, equipped with many easy but important features. Like other editions, QuickBooks pro has also releases every year making this software updated with latest state and federal policies. So, the professionals having less accounting skills can easily accomplish accounting jobs with easy to understand graphical user interfaces. The major benefit of QuickBooks Pro is that it is cost effective and can be easily purchased by any individual or small businesses.

QuickBooks pro 2012 is the latest adopted version in the series when its 2013 version is still trying to hit the market. QuickBooks Pro 2012 has some wonderful changes with it to give its users a wide range of experience of using QuickBooks Pro. Below are these features:

1- Calendar: This is the most new feature with QuickBooks Pro 2012, dealing with the date and timing inside QuickBooks. With the wonderful look of QuickBooks calendar, we can manage our date and timing activities very easily by setting up the data and timing for upcoming events. This features reminds us the schedule prior to the date, giving us more manageable way to deal with business activities. The calendar ensures that we don’t miss our activities if we use it perfectly.

2- Lead Center: With QuickBooks Pro 2012, Intuit included the lead center to deal with business leads efficiently. In lead center, we can create leads with the prospectus details including business and personal details. It also lets us to associate a secondary person for a particular lead so that we can have additional contact person for the same lead. Once the lead is converted into our customer, we can easily export that lead detail into customer list with all the details associated with it. This feature is really wonderful to track and manage the leads ultimately being quite helpful for our business.

3- Export: Its an existing feature but it was renovated with QuickBooks Pro 2012. The modified part is that we can export a report into existing excel file so that there is no confusion with different files. We can always import or export payroll files, online banking reports and accountant copies.

4- Document Center: Its a wonderful feature of QuickBooks Pro 2012 to manage our documents. We can list all the documents available with us and later we can deal with all accordingly. It has also scanning tool available with it so that we could also scan documents and include with the document center. So, we can easily manage our documents with QuickBooks accounting program.

By assembling all the above features with existing, QuickBooks Pro becomes a complete business accounting package to deal with basic level of accounting efficiently. We can host this accounting program with any QuickBooks hosting provider to have the most adequate usage experience with complete multi-user access.

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