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How to Fix QuickBooks OLSU 1013 error?

OL and OLSU errors in QuickBooks Desktop are typical bank feed errors that occur when there is a problem with your bank server or internet connexion. Since each error is indicated along with a number, such as QuickBooks OLSU 1013 error, it is best that you contact QuickBooks support so that you get the right solution for that error. If you want to resolve the problem quickly, you can also have a look at the solutions mentioned below to see if you can troubleshoot QuickBooks OLSU Error Code 1013 on your own.

Solution 1: Check Internet Security Requirements

In order to keep your financial data safe when connecting to your bank, Internet Explorer and QuickBooks uses the TLS 1.2 security protocol. If there is a problem with the TLS settings in Internet Explorer, you will encounter QuickBooks OLSU 1013 error. Here’s how you can check the settings:
• Step 1: Open Internest Explorer and go to the Tools section.
• Step 2: Select Internet Options, click Advanced, and scroll to ‘Security.’
• Step 3: Ensure the TLS 1.2 option is checked. If not, turn it on.
• Step 4: Press ‘OK’ and close the open applications on your computer.
• Step 5: Reboot the system and try to download your transactions once again.

Solution 2: Use a test company file to Download Bank feed transactions

QuickBooks OLSU Error Code 1013 could also be caused because of an issue with your bank’s servers. You can refer to the steps given below to check if you can download transactions in a test company file and solve the problem:
• Step 1: Open QuickBooks and navigate to the File menu.
• Step 2: Select ‘New Company’ and click ‘Express Start.’
• Step 3: Set up Bank Feeds for the account where the error occurred.
• Step 4: Follow the instructions and see if you can download your transactions.
• Step 5: Contact the bank customer support through a copy of your Bank Feeds logs.

Solution 3: Refresh the Bank Connection

In case the online banking is turned on for inactive bank accounts, you will have to change the settings and refresh the connection to solve the problem. You can refer to the guidelines given below check if you have inactive bank accounts with online banking and then refresh the connection:
• Step 1: Open your QuickBooks program and go to ‘Company.’
• Step 2: Select ‘Chart of Account’ and click on the ‘Include Inactive’ box.
• Step 3: Look for any inactive account indicated with a lightning bolt.
• Step 4: Open the Bank Feed tab and select Deactivate All Online Services.
• Step 5: Save the changes and reopen your QuickBooks company file.
If you find that the lightning bolt is gone, you can set up Bank Feeds and then see if you can download your transactions. In case you cannot, you will have to implement a more advanced solution to resolve QuickBooks OLSU Error Code 1013. You can call the QuickBooks phone number and speak to a certified software expert to find out how to troubleshoot the issue as soon as possible.

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