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What could be the Reasons for QuickBooks Error 15240 and how to fix it?

1. This generally happens if you do not use the latest version of QuickBooks.
2. You may encounter this kind of error if you log in as an Administrator or if you do not run the program as an Administrator.
3. The download link identified is not accurate, correct or valid.
4. You may be using QuickBooks multi-user mode in a terminal service setting.
5. Due to corrupted Windows or corrupted registry files.
6. You get this error code due to the corrupted update of QuickBooks.

Effective Solutions to Resolve QuickBooks Error 15240

There are several ways to annihilate QuickBooks Error 15240. Some of the effective procedures for resolving the problems are mentioned below. So, just have a look:

Solution 1: Make Sure You Are Running Your QuickBooks as an Administrator

Follow the following points to do this:
1. Go to the QuickBooks icon on your desktop and right-click it to get started.
2. Now, choose "Run as Administrator" option.

Solution 2: Use Clean Install Tool to Re-install QuickBooks

This recommended solution will help you clear up any junk that may have been stored for a period of time when you are constantly using QuickBooks. For this, follow the steps below:
1. First, uninstall or remove QuickBooks Desktop from your system.
2. After that, rename the entire installation folder by downloading and running QuickBooks Clean Install Tool.
3. Now, reinstall QuickBooks Desktop.
Once you have completed these above steps, you may frequently download your Payroll updates without error. But if the same QuickBooks Error 15240 error persists, the next solution will continue.

Solution 3: Make sure that the date and time settings are set correctly

If the time or date is not set correctly, you may face this error. So, let's check it out and correct it if it's wrong:
1. Go to the Control Panel on your system first.
2. Open the Settings for Change Date and Time.
3. Adjust the time and date correctly.
4. After that, click Apply, then click OK to save the changes.

Solution 4: Ensure that settings for the Internet Explorer are adjusted correctly

To do this, go through the given points:
1. First, open your Internet Explorer browser on your PC.
2. Now, click the Tools menu, and select the Internet option.
3. Next, open Advanced.
4. Now scroll down until you get the SSL2.0 and SSL3.0 options.
5. Check the boxes near the two tabs.
6. And then click Apply and OK to save your changes.

Solution 5: Security Software Settings should be adjusted correctly

Security software may interrupt when QuickBooks is running on a PC that causes QuickBooks Error 15240 to appear. So, make sure that your antivirus program settings are adjusted correctly so that the workflow in QuickBooks is not hindered.

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