In all of our team relationships, we know and expect that there will be conflicts to work through. Conflicts are normal and a natural part of everyone’s life. They are the simple disputes and disagreements that occur between us all. Most of the time we think of conflict as negative, but without conflict we don’t experience growth or progress.

As well, in life you are going to find that your team may experience some conflict as they attempt to unify and reach their goals. The goal is not to necessarily eliminate conflict, but to help them learn how to use it constructively, and to avoid the destructive aspects of it. Teams need to look at conflict resolutions in a different way by encouraging them to listen with their ears and with their heart. Be open to what others observe about them and be willing to grow from it. Also to:

· Ask lots of questions
· Have open communication
· Give their own input
· Value every ones input
· Remember that the best solution depends on the present time
· Act out on the solution
· Let it go once it is solved

Remembering these tips will help lead the team to open communication and discussion, as well, stimulate further thinking and problem resolution. They also give them a safe place to talk honestly about the experience.

©2009 Toya Jervay

Author's Bio: 

Toya Jervay is a Certified Holistic Life and Team Building Coach, Author, founder of Confetti and Coffee Coaching, LLC, and Interactive Speaker/Presenter. A radiant spirit who has dedicated most of her life to motivating and inspiring others to rediscover the amazing, creative, and wonder-filled person inside themselves. She has facilitated team building, conflict resolution and art workshops throughout the US and abroad. Before moving to Arizona, her life was spent living, working, talking and listening to people of all walks in Los Angeles, California, Atlanta, Ga., Italy, and Japan.