Regardless of your income, you can try to choose healthcare insurance that is as cheap as possible. This way you can easily save money. We give you ten tips that can help you with this.

Cheaper basic insurance
The first step to see is to look at your basic insurance if you do not pay too much for your health insurance policy. Although next year the supplementary insurance in particular will be considerably more expensive. The premiums for the basic package also vary considerably to differences of more than $100. See where you are the cheapest by comparing online.

Internet policies
If you are satisfied with the services provided by your health insurer and do not want to switch to another, you could also see whether you can get a cheaper basic insurance policy from your current insurance company. This is often possible by opting for a policy that can only be taken out via the internet. Calculations from the comparison sites can show that such internet labels are cheaper than the standard basic insurance, while it is legally stipulated that the coverage thereof must be the same. You can also get a cheaper insurance policy by, paying per year instead of per month or through membership of the trade union. Take a good look at this.

Additional insurance
Those who have supplementary health insurance will be hit hardest in their scholarship next year. They will receive a premium increase of around 10 percent. In view of this substantial price increase, people who are in perfect health and have sufficient money may wonder whether they still need supplementary insurance.

The basic insurance already covers the most important care such as the general practitioner and the hospital. Therefore, make an inventory of what additional care you really need and what it costs.

Additional insurance policies for the dentist are very popular. For people with healthy teeth who only go to the dentist once or twice for a check-up every year, it can be a lot cheaper to pay the bill themselves and cancel the dental insurance. However, it is smart to put the money that is saved in a savings account to compensate for any setbacks.

Different insurers
Consumers are not obliged to take out their basic insurance and supplementary policy with the same health insurer. Sometimes it can be worthwhile to do this at different insurers. This is also an opportunity for the chronically ill. They can indeed switch from basic insurance, because insurance companies are obliged to accept everyone for this.

Also pay attention to quality
Money plays a major role in the choice of consumers for senior health insurance. But also pay attention to the quality and services of a health insurer. For example, if an insurer is not quite the cheapest, but you are always helped quickly on the telephone and you do not have to wait long for the reimbursement of your health insurance bills, then that may of course cost a little extra.

If you switch from a health insurance company, you must cancel your old health insurance policy before 1 January. But don't do that before your new insurer has accepted you as a customer. Although insurers are obliged to accept every applicant for a basic insurance, they can certainly refuse you for additional healthcare insurance. Also make sure that when you have both a basic insurance and a supplementary package, you cancel both with your old health insurer, at least when you both switch to another insurer.

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Misty Jhones