Remote Work has countless benefits, you can read it all over, from news to online publications like Think Remote where they state that by having a more flexible schedule and the possibility to work from your own home, it impacts you greatly. In pandemic times, however, it can be hard to keep up with a healthy work-life balance. All of a sudden, you don't only work from home. Your whole life is at home. Without external input, days pass by, and it is easy to get lost in this flatness. You may even find yourself sharing your cat's hobby and staring at white walls for hours.

After almost a year, it gets harder every day to set boundaries between different activities of your life, overwhelmed by general uncertainty. Everything is pointless, right? Wrong! All you need is some discipline and useful tips to get out of the vicious circle of boredom and uncertainty:

Build up a routine to fight bad habits

After a year of restrictions, discipline is the new creativity. If you felt so cool a couple of years ago because you could work from a fancy bar, nowadays it is even hard to get out shopping. Day after day, your routine is getting worse every day more, increasing the sense of stress and isolation. You start drinking too much coffee to get your daily motivation, too much wine to cope with boredom in the evening, skip exercising, ordering junk food. After months at home, bad habits are the best company you get. Or at least you think it is.

Break this circle. Gradually, write down what you would like to change in your routine in a month's time. Maybe you want to wake up early and sleep more? More exercise? Painting? Bored games? It doesn't matter, wherever suits you. Get a calendar and set small goals every week to make these new additions part of your daily routine, with your work.

And for one month, stick to it. If Rome wasn't built in a day, your bad habits aren't going to disappear overnight. Push yourself to respect your goals till the end. It is the first step to feel you are taking back control of your time, and that can achieve a better routine even if you are stuck at home.

Clean up your working space

Cleaning up your space and desk can help you out with your plan. If you can, try to separate your working desk and the rest of the house as much as possible. When you have a break, make sure to sit somewhere where nothing is related to your work. If you like sports, create a dedicated area for training. Or your cinema. Wherever is right for you, try to create diverse locations for the different moments of your day.

Set boundaries with your family and flatmates

If you are on your own, your challenge is to keep up socialization. If you live with your family, your challenge is to get some degree of privacy. Maybe you decide to come back to your home-town with your family or have your kids at home 24/7 or have musicians as flatmates. Wherever your situation is, you all have to share the same space. And sometimes can be challenging, especially after a long time.

What you can do here is being honest - with yourself and everyone around you. Explain when you need space and time to work. Include your family in your magic plan to get a better routine. Set a day for activities together, be clear on your working hours (this is also for you, remember?), and set separated spaces with them. It won't be like being on your own, but at least you can minimize dramas and floating emotions when you have deliveries.

Set days and times for your hobbies

It is hard to change your state of mind when you are stuck in the same place. When stress and extra tasks come in, the first thing left out is your hobbies. As much as it is good to be efficient, it is essential to commit to yourself. Set times and days for your hobbies, for your beauty routine as they were working tasks. Do you like books? Set a couple of reading nights during the week and see how you feel after. Film-lover? Catch up with movies you never watched. Do you enjoy taking care of your skin and do anti-aging facials at home? Find the right products available on the market, (reviewed and tested by many bloggers), like the list, found on Domum life, with the best home laser facial devices, and start doing it in the comfort of your own home. After a spa day at your own home, you'll feel more relaxed and with the bonus you get, your skin will look flawless.

It is weird to build a life without going out of the house, but you need to give your own time the same value you give to your working tasks. It won't be like traveling or a concert, but having your own safe space will help you get energized and more positive in the long run, don't underestimate it!

Exercise and eat well

Last advice, eat a healthy balanced diet and start exercising. You probably hate this one. Everyone seems to be so happy now with yoga sessions and gluten-free diets. And you want to melt with your sofa in your PJs.

If you are not a sporty person, a walk-in nature will do and a minimum of 5 minutes of meditation. The point here is not becoming a bodybuilder but remembering your body needs movement and good food. You don't need to eat only salad to be healthy. Try out new cuisines and avoid processed food. It helps your creativity and, you know, mens sana corpore sano. If your body is happy, your mind will feel lighter - and eventually, you'll see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Another self care tip, is to try engaging into online experiences , which you can take part from the comfort of your home. These online experiences can be done alone or with your colleagues, these are proven to boost not just your morale but also your productivity. It will also get you closer to your employer/colleagues.

These are just a few tips to keep a better balance in these weird times. The last thing, remember we are all in the same boat. Don't get stressed, and share how you feel with others. You may get more ideas and find a buddy for your month's healing plan. Good luck!

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