Facts about constipationConstipation refers to the absence or abnormality of bowel movements. The slow passage of food via the large intestine as well as the total time the waste rests in the colon are chief causes of constipation. More water gets absorbed while the waste remains in the body thereby resulting in bulky and drier stool that are hard to pass.
Constipation can also result due to painkillers, poor diet, junk food, lack of exercise or pregnancy. Constipation is considered a symptom and not a disease. But there is nothing to worry as natural and quick remedies for constipation can help cure this discomforting and painful condition.

10 best home constipation remedies

With the following natural remedies, one can bid adieu to frustrating and uncomfortable symptoms like infrequent bowel movements and hard stools. Try these simple steps for a quick constipation relief and feel comfortable fast.

  1. Mix 2 tablespoon sea salt or any non-iodized salt with 1 quart lukewarm water. Sip this in the morning on an empty stomach. This will enable to flush out the digestive tract.
  2. Adequate intake of fluid is the core building block for a healthy digestive system. Clear soups are a great way of hydrating the system during a severe bout of constipation. Grabbing fresh vegetables and fruits is also a smart choice as it contains the fiber and water that the body requires for bringing digestion on track. Drinking sufficient water and consuming fluids from these foods will work wonders in softening the stool, thereby making it easier for passing stool. This is among the quick remedies for constipation.
  3. Drinking a glass of lukewarm water mixed with 2 teaspoons honey before going to bed also works wonders.
  4. Eating papaya helps to unclog the pipes completely. One can alternatively try eating a pear. It is one of the most effective home constipation remedies.
  5. Massaging the abdomen for at least 10 minutes is indeed a good idea as it helps to relax the tense muscles, help to stimulate the bowel activity, thereby providing relief against the uneasiness.
  6. Drinking a concoction containing equal quantities of spinach and carrot juice gives immediate relief. This also belongs to the list of quick remedies for constipation.
  7. Boil milk in a pan; add turmeric powder and figs to it. Drinking this is beneficial as it acts as a good constipation cure
  8. Drink Aloe Vera juice 2 times daily for a clean and good digestive system.
  9. Drinking a glass of fresh orange juice or an apple daily helps to keep constipation at bay
  10. One of the best home constipation remedies is to eat bale fruit. This fruit acts as a good laxative which tones up and cleanse the intestines and gives instant constipation relief.
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