International shipping is indeed a most complex commercial trade activity, but this complexes activity has given an easy way for smooth transfer of commercial and household goods to and fro. Today bulk cargo is being transferred from one country to another and not only just transferred but the complete process of transfer has also become simple and fast. You don’t need to think twice before transferring the cargo and freight from one country to another as the international shipping company will do it and your overall cargo and freight transfer woes will end completely. The most significant aspect which you should be considering when transferring bulk cargo or household goods form your residence country to the target country is customs regulations.

If you are aware of the customs regulations, definitely, all your hassles related to transfer of goods and cargo will get over in minutes. However, if you are not having the details of customs regulations, definitely, you need to get through them and for which reason you should get in touch with the international shipping company. You should also look into the prominent factors which relate to the container shipping. The container shipping rules and regulations are again very important as these will have direct impact on the international shipping quotes. The reliability of international shipping company becomes decisive fact when you are planning to ship the household goods or commercial cargo to another country. Make sure that the freight cargo and transfer company should have knowledge on the shipping and various aspects related to it. The company should offer you its commitment to safety and security at all levels. In this manner you will have the confidence that all your household goods will be transferred in one piece and there will be no breaks or scratches. With this basic information on international shipping, let’s get into the specifications of the shipping to Lebanon and Australia.

Shipping to Australia

Shipping to Australia would require that you have complete inventory of goods which are to be transferred and the inventory should be in English. Keep in your mind that your inventory does not include any kind of prohibited goods as these are strictly not allowed. You should also have separate inventory of dutiable or restricted goods listed separately. Do not try to conceal any items or else you will be charged huge penalty by the Australian’s Customs.

Shipping to Lebanon

The important documents which you need to have when Shipping to Lebanon includes original passport, contract of apartment in Lebanon which has been legalized by the municipality, work permit, residency permit as well as the inventory which is legalized by the local authorities and Lebanese Consulate. Prohibited items like Firearms, Explosives, Alcohol, Drugs, Narcotics and the Pornographic materials are not allowed. If you are also transferring motor vehicles, make sure that the ownership card, Ocean Bill of Lading and Invoice of Purchase is used. Keep in your mind that you cross check with the international shipping company on the type of goods which are allowed and restricted or dutiable under the Lebanon international trade law.

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