Making the kitchen more functional is one of the reasons why most homeowners engage in kitchen renovation. Even with solid farmhouse cabinets, you still need a more functional kitchen space.

We have a few quick fixes that can help you keep your kitchen organized for better functionality.

1. Keep your utensils near the dishwasher

When it comes to saving time, you need to learn where exactly your kitchen items should be stored. All your dishes and utensils shouldn’t be far from the dishwasher. It makes your routine easy as you will not be moving when emptying the dishwasher.

2. Create a lunch zone

If you have children, you know how important it is to prepare their lunches within a short time. This is why a lunch prep zone should be created in the kitchen. All that you need for lunch preparation should be put there, not inside your farmhouse cabinets. This makes your work so easy.

3. Add containers to your fridge

For more storage space, you should maximize your use of the refrigerator. Add containers to those wide shelves. It reduces the space you need in your cabinets for storage.

4. Add extra shelves to upper cabinets

If you need more space in your kitchen, you can add more shelves in your upper cabinets. Standard cabinetry like farmhouse cabinets should be able to accommodate extra shelves that will hold more kitchen items.

5. Use dividers in your drawers

The drawers in your kitchen should be divided to make them more effective. It also helps in the arrangement that has both aesthetic and functional benefits.

6. Use trays on your countertops

One of the challenges that homeowners have is that their countertops are always full of kitchen items. Using trays can help reduce the number of unaccounted-for kitchen items. For example, homeowners can add trays for specific use and remove them immediately after their use.

7. Add more lighting

Have you ever entered a home with under-cabinet lighting? Such a house not only looks nice but also remains an effective one. Under-cabinet lighting in a house with farmhouse cabinets will look beautiful. The most important thing is that it will enable the kitchen user to access kitchen items easily.


There are many other quick fixes that you can use. However, the ones we’ve shared give you an upper hand to get started with your kitchen organization.

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