There are several known LTC policy options that could give an individual lower and more affordable policy rates and one of these is the long term care elimination period. This particular plan option can be customized or modified depending on the needs and financial allocation or budget of the individual.

Also known as waiting period of an LTC insurance policy, this pertains to the number of days that an individual would prefer to personally cover all his LTC requirements before his insurance provider start paying the LTC services and facilities that he would incur in the future.

A person can choose from 0 to 365 days of waiting or qualifying period for his LTC insurance plan but he must inquire about this with his insurance provider first because not all insurance companies offer a zero-day elimination period.

The number of days for this specific policy option affects the amount of his insurance policy. Longer waiting period may mean cheaper monthly premiums because the individual will pay for his LTC needs for a much longer duration while those who would avail 30 or 60 days of qualifying period is more likely to be given higher policy rates.

The average or most common number of days that the public chooses is 90 to 180 days. But every policyholder or plan applicant must remember that they have to be certain or make sure that they can really pay for their LTC requirements and needs up to the last day of their preferred long term care insurance elimination period.

Most, if not all insurance companies would only start paying for their clients’ policy benefits once the policy owners have satisfied the waiting period. Depending on the insurance carrier, they might require the individual to have a certain number of days, consecutive or accumulated, before they can consider it as part of the policy’s waiting period.

Since it has direct impact to the overall amount of the individual’s insurance plan, the person must think and decide wisely regarding this matter. He must take into consideration not only the price of the monthly premiums that he would pay but also his financial capacity to pay for all the LTC services that he will get without the help of his insurance provider.

Just like with the other insurance factors and terminologies, the elimination period might be a little too complicated to understand especially to those who are not yet really accustomed or familiar to how LTC insurance plans work. So when availing or inquiring about this, make sure that the insurance agent or carrier had clearly explained everything and do not hesitate to ask them of whatever dilemma or issue that may bother you. This is important to avoid further confusion and misunderstandings in the future.

Certain insurance carriers may have different conditions or guidelines when it comes to implementing and satisfying the long term care insurance elimination period. So it is advisable to plan beforehand and gather pertinent details regarding this policy option to make full use of and maximize all the benefits and advantages that it can give the insured individual.

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