Your iPhone holds a wealth of information with regards to contacts, messages, images, videos and much more. However, it’s not rare to experience sudden loss of contacts from the device. If this has happened to you and you are unsure of its retrieval then this is exactly what you should be reading.

Regardless of the fact that your iPhone has been efficiently storing all contacts that play an integral role in your life, you cannot overrule chances of such data loss. Contacts of your loved ones, friends, colleagues and clients, are important to you. Without such details it would become difficult for you to further interact with people. Nonetheless it’s difficult to foretell such accidental deletion of contacts from a phone.

Tips To Retrieve Contacts On An iPhone

Irrespective of which model you may own, there are some common ways for iPhone Data Recovery. These have been discussed below:

1) Recovery With the Help of “iTunes” Backup Files

That’s the first thing to do. It’s simple. Data backups are integral when it comes to retrieving any kind of data. Its well evident from incidents where PST files on a computer gets corrupted. Backups can retrieve such files from data backup. Similarly, iPhone data can be retrieved as well from back-up through iTunes. Here is how:

  • Connect the iPhone to your Mac
  • Open “iTunes application” and select “devices” tab
  • Go to the device list then right click on iPhone device source. Select the “restore from back-up” option
  • A popup window will appear. Choose “latest backup” and click on “Restore” button.

2) icloud Backup Restore

If you are unsure of the first method follow this instead. iCloud allows backup of private date on the cloud space.

  • Visit settings and go to iCloud on the iPhone
  • Turn off “Contacts” on the menu
  • Select the “Keep on My iPhone” pop-up message
  • Turn on “Contacts” and then select “Merge”

3) Recovery From Other Apple Devices

Instead of shedding tears while thinking about “how to fix my iPhone” since you have lost all contact details, try this. iCloud allows us to synchronise the device’s contact with other Apple devices like Mac. Take a look:

  • Open Mac
  • Now look for all lost contacts on the Outlook
  • Export these lost Contacts in the form of vCard
  • Send vCard files via email to your device
  • Open mailbox on your device
  • Now, create the new contacts which you have mailed as vCard

4) Recovering Data From “Google Contacts”

If your iPhone contacts have been synced with Google contacts you may follow these simple steps to retrieve data.

  • Visit the “Settings” followed by the “Mail” “Accounts” “Add Accounts” “Google”
  • Now, fill up information on your Google account
  • Turn on “Contacts” option
  • Re-access iPhone Contacts followed by which “Google Contacts” will synchronise to your device

We all know how tough it becomes to deal with a situation like data loss. Especially stored contacts are something we can rarely think of losing. In modern times several alternatives to data recovery have arrived making it easier for phone owners to deal with an accidental loss of data.

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The author is a data recovery specialist and holds profound information on iPhone data recovery which comes to the rescue of iPhone owners who face trouble when data gets lost.