What should you do if you suddenly find that the regular route from your address to the airport is clodded due to mishap or for some emergency maintenance work? You must take an alternative way! In fact, if you have hired a private taxi transport service cab, its driver will ferry you to the airport taking an alternative route.

If you are a resident, it should not be of much worry for you! What if, you are not? What, if you are just a visitor in Carrum Downs or Narre Warren? What, if it is your first visit to Melbourne and its time for you to catch a flight back home?

You MUST ask a few very rudimentary, yet essential questions to the driver, before obliging. Here are some of the questions that you need to ask.

Will the Shuttle Offer a Hop on and Hop Off Service in the New Route?

A hop off and hop on service will enable passenger drop off and pick ups whenever and wherever requested. Though this is pretty convenient, and it helps the negating the passenger accessibility concern, this type of service may pose security hazards for the passengers as well. Thus, ask if as a result of this change in route, the service provider is going to opt for such a policy. Remember, this poses a liability risk for the passenger as well.

Will the Shuttle Schedule Serve Your Purpose?

When the easiest route to the airport changes, ask the taxi hire service provider from Narre Warren to Airport whether the duration of the journey will be the same. At times, alternate routes are too long and hence may pose problems when it comes to catching flights or sticking to schedules.

Is the Driver Efficient Enough to Take the Alternative Route?

When you find that the driver is taking an alternative route, you must ask whether the bloke is well familiar with the alternative routes, so much so that the journey can be fast, uneventful and in time. Ask if the driver knows all the short cuts as well, in case you need to take one due to time constraint.

Does the Cab Has a Satellite-based Navigation System Onboard?

When you are off the regular route, you are blinded, if you are not a resident. Thus, while going through alternative ways, your only assistance other than the driver's word of mouth is the navigation system.

Indeed, your smartphone will have one, but there is no harm in having an extra one. Ask whether the vehicle has a satellite-based nav-system on board that will give you an idea of how far you are from the airport and how much time will be taken by the taxi hire service cab from Keysborough to Airport to reach its destination.

What Will Be the Route(S) Like?

If you are taking the alternative route(s), and in particular, short cuts, you need to know the condition of the routes. Make sure, the routes the cab driver will take are as good and as comfortable as the main route.

So you see, getting these elementary information always come in handy in case your taxi hire service from Carrum Downs to Melbourne airport has to avail an alternative route.

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The author owns a company that offers taxi hire service from Narre Warren, Keysborough, Carrum Downs to Melbourne airport. The author is also a chauffeur and an avid blogger.