Are you thinking about replacing your roof? Do you need to perform some repairs on it? You should not trust projects like these to non-professional hands. Your roofing system is that barrier among the harsh weather elements and the things you love. Besides, a roofing replacement is a significant investment.

Therefore, you should check some things before hiring a roofing company. Assuring that you are dealing with real roofing professional is crucial to preserve your property’s integrity.

In this sense, you should check several crucial factors before hiring a roofer. Below, Alpha Roofing, a top roofing contractor in our region, will show you those key questions you should perform to your potential roofer.

Can You Show Local References?

Would you like to know if that roofing company is responsive when clients call them? Do you want to know if they stick to the schedule? Or maybe you want to be sure if they’ll take charge of debris and wastes. A previous client will answer you better than anybody else these and other important doubts.

That’s why the roofing company must provide you local references. Besides, you can always ask for help at the local reference’s home. We’ll be glad to give you all the references you want.

Do you have a license?

A licensed roofer should offer a professional roofing service. Also, this company should know and adhere to the local building code. Thus, contacting a licensed roofing company can give you confidence about the work they’ll perform in your house.

Licensing requisites vary from state to state. So, make sure your roofer is up-to-date with the local licensing office and its requirements.

Do You Have Insurance?

Labor accidents happen more than you may think. Even more in a dangerous job like roofing. Then, the roofing contractor must demonstrate to you that their workers are insured. So, you will avoid a grave problem in case of an accident while they work on your property. Moreover, the roofing company must have insurance to cover possible accidental damages to your property.

This way, you’ll protect yourself in case that an undesirable event occurs.

The Alpha Roofing Company meets these and all the most demanding requisites. As a proud CertainTeed Shingle Master roofing contractor, we are a leading roofing companies Shreveport LA in the country. No more than 1% of the roofing companies in the U.S. have reached this certification.

Then, by hiring our services, you are working with people that will perform according to the highest quality standards.

We will be glad to help you with any roofing need you may have in Louisiana, including Shreveport and Bossier City. Would you like to hire the best roofer? Call us today at (318) 373-5857. You can also get an estimate.

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