Café culture has been widely spread around the world. Now it is almost impossible to find a place without cafés. Unlike luxurious restaurants, cafés are nice looking compact sized place that offers delicious quick bites and delicacies along with strong cups of coffee. And, they are one of the great places to hang out with friends; hence full with most of the young crowds. The nice and calm environment of the cafés give the place a serene feel, perfect for spending time with loved ones. And, the designer furniture sets play a huge role in this. Nicely decorated cafe tables with matching aesthetics of the place can bring more customers to your door. But how can you find the right one? Well, here in this article, we will present some questions that will help you in that.


5 questions to ask at the earliest before you choose cafe tables for your café


Whether it is a commercial café or a luxurious living room of an apartment, coffee tables often have been portrayed one of the beautiful décor items in the modern-day interior decoration. But it is quite difficult to find an ideal one for your place since there are lots of furniture designers around. Well, this is not that tough if you think wisely. With years of experience with interior trends, we have come with these following five questions that you need to ask before finalizing a café table for your place.


  1. What do I need?


When it comes to choose an ideal coffee table for your café or your apartment’s living room, the first and foremost thing you need to ask yourself is what do you need. First of all, decide the use of the table. As a living room coffee table might be used only when people are around, but a table in a café will be used very roughly. Also, take a look at your decoration and feel the aesthetic of the place and then find a table that matches the vibe. For rough use, we will suggest you to get a sturdy option in cafe tables while keeping the delicate decors away as they can get scratched.


  1. Is the table matching the place’s decoration?


The very next part is to consider if the table you are choosing is matching the vibe of the place or not. Look for different colour options that matches the aesthetics of the room and choose as per that. Also, consider the size, shape, and material of the item beforehand and make a list if you have any ideal criteria on your mind according to the aesthetics of your place.


  1. Which material do I need in my café tables?


There are various materials available in modern-day coffee tables. Though most times we prefer wooden ones as these are the traditional ones. But according to the budget, it might cost a lot. Well, there are other materials too that are less expensive than the wooden ones. We recommend you to take a look at your place and consider what kind of materials would go vest with it. Whether it will be glass, acrylic, metal, or stone. However, our expert suggests to opt for a glass or acrylic table if your place is compact sized and open. If it is a traditional room, then a wooden table with darker shade will go perfectly. For seating, you can opt between leather or faux leather; both are easy to maintain.


  1. Which shape and size will go the best with my café tables?


Like different materials, the coffee tables come with various shapes and sizes. You can choose one according to your place dimension and outlook. Our expert suggests, if you have:


  • A small compact sized place, then choose an oval or a rectangle shaped table.
  • A large section seating arrangement, then a square or round table will look serene.


Apart from that, also make sure that there is enough gap between two tables, so that the guest won’t bump each other. Considerably, a minimum of one and half foot gap will be enough. And, in terms of size, make sure that the table should be in the same height as your sofa or chairs are.


  1. Do I need additional functionalities in my café tables?


Whether for a café or your living room, you always choose to include an additional functionality in your café tables. However, it totally depends on how you are going to use it. You can look for shelves, compartments, and drawers to double up the storage of the table. However, it will be best for coffee tables of a home, but not for café. Also, you can incorporate wheels below the tables for easy dragging matter.


On last stroke,


Though it is not that hard to find various designer cafe tables for both a café or apartment’s living room, it is not that much easy to find the ideal one. Ask yourself the above-pointed five questions and find the ideal one without any issues.

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The author is an interior decoration expert and writer. She loves to writer about the latest interior décor trends in a friendly way so that her readers can understand the right product from the huge options.