A lot of steps are required for a successful kitchen and bathroom renovation. If you are based in North Sydney or Leichhardt you need to find a suitable contractor for the job. After that, you can ask the questions to determine their quality of work. If, after asking these questions you feel that they not reliable enough, you can search for a different company.

The first thing that you need to make sure is that the contractor understands what your needs are and they should work hard to give your dream a reality.

Reliable contractors will listen to your queries and will provide answers to every one of them. So, let us what these questions are.

  • What is the type of contract that is used?

You will need to begin with this question before planning a kitchen & bathroom renovation in Leichhardt. Since two types of contracts exist, it is necessary to know which one will be used for the renovation work in your property.

In the cost-plus contract, the builders are mainly benefitted. Here the client pays the expenses for the building as stated in the contract. The expenses include costs such as materials and labour along with the insurance and mileage. Basically, it is a predetermined fee that is calculated on the total construction. 

If you’re on a tight budget, this contract can prove to be costly and is hard to predict.

On the other hand, in a fixed contract, the cost of the contract is fixed as is the name. Here, you do not need to pay if the contractors cause structural damages. So, the contractors will try to be careful when renovating your bathroom or kitchen. 

  • What will be the duration of the project?

Knowing the duration of the project in a kitchen & bathroom renovation in North Sydney is important as you will be able to plan everything.

Also, ask if there are possibilities of delays and how they will be handled.

If there are structural issues in the project, ask if they will be inspecting them before beginning the work because repairing them can be quite time-consuming. 

  • Can I use the bathroom and kitchen during the construction?

Not being able to use the kitchen and bathroom for long can be quite problematic. So, asking this question will help you to plan likewise. Also, ask for your contractors' opinions on this.

You need to discuss the construction rules and working hours before the beginning of the project so that everything can go smoothly. 

If you have another bathroom or kitchen apart from the main one you need to use that, otherwise you need to modify the plan by talking to the contractors. They will need to complete the project in parts so that you can use these areas.

  • Will there be a supervisor?

A supervisor oversees everything and makes sure that the work is progressing smoothly. So, it is essential to have a supervisor on the scene. 

You need to ask this question to the contractor to determine how they are planning to oversee the renovation.

Therefore, before you go for a kitchen & bathroom renovation in Leichhardt, ask these questions to determine if the contractors are capable enough to meet your needs.

Author's Bio: 

The author is the owner of a company that provides kitchen & bathroom renovation in North Sydney and Leichhardt through certified builders who have many years of work experience.