• 1. True/False: “YOU are in the Top-Ten slowest readers of 316 million U.S. Citizens and ‘Proud’ of it.”

• 2. True/False: “YOU have a ‘delusion’, you are in the Top-Ten Fastest readers in the U.S.A”

• 3. True/False: “YOU would Like your kid to be one of Top-Ten Fastest readers in the U.S. It could help win a Scholarship to avoid paying a Ton to college. And maybe, Dear God, get-a-job.”

• 4. True/False: “Your kid in school - is in “good-competent-hands” for learning how to get a ‘great’ job”.

• 5. True/False: “Your kid in school is taught by a young ‘Snot-Nose’, who you met and hated instantly.”

• 6. True/False: “You can ‘Save’ your kid’s educational life and “Career-Success” by spending a few more bucks.

It will guarantee they get-a-job, and Never come back to live with you.”

• 7. True/False: “You are paying a ‘Ton’ for your kid to graduate college. You want him/her to “to-find-a-great-job.”

And God forbid, they ever have to come-back to ‘live’ with you.”

• 8. True/False: You are paying a ‘Ton’ for your kid’s college, and know they are coming out Ignorant-as-Dirt.

You would willingly spend a couple of bucks extra, and guarantee they ACE school & get promotions at-work. And NEVER come back to ‘live’ with you.”

• 9. True/False: You truly ‘Love’ your kid, and are paying a ‘Ton’ for their College. You’re scared-to-death they will ‘Never’ find-a-job in “English Literature” or “Shakespeare Lives!”
• 10. True/ False: Please, Dear Lord, don’t let my Kid come back to live with me after graduating school.”
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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