Why am I unable to lead a happy life even though I have stopped drinking, drugging and continue going to AA and other 12 Step meetings?

This is a typical question asked by persons in recovery. I am offering a series of other questions that might lead you to the answers you have been searching for. Please remember that a question opens you up to endless possibilities from the universe. An answer stops other probabilities.

1. Can magic really happen now to me?
2. How can I release the judgment that my addiction was fun and rewarding?
3. How can I release the judgment that my addiction was terrible and horrible?
4. What emotional issues have I hidden under my addiction and need to sedate my true self?
5. What did I see, hear and feel about myself that I believed was so wrong about me that I needed to stop its pain by my using/drinking/overeating gambling overspending/sexual acting out?
6. What was my payoff for continuing my addiction?
7. What is the value of holding on to my pain and addiction?
8. What would it take for me to let go of my limitations around addictions?
9. How can I call back all that I truly am and create happiness?
10. How much fun am I willing to experience right now?
11. How much sexual enjoyment am I allowing myself to have?
12. How have I been stopping joy in my life?
13. What fun and joy am I refusing to choose that if I did choose would activate the life I have always wanted?
14. What is stopping me from receiving new empowered awarenesses?
15. What do I need to do to accept my full power and let go of the belief in powerlessness?
16. How can I undo what I have done to squelch my little, carefree child within?
17. How can I accept my true power and divinity?
18. When will I realize that I created my addiction to avoid choosing to be a powerful creator?
19.What new, empowered payoff can I create for total health and healing?
20.What would it take for me to recognize that I have never been wrong?

As you receive your answers in a variety of ways from the universe (books, texts, conversations, thoughts simply appearing), you will see, hear and feel how your recovery is all about choice. You do the choosing: choose the joy and become it; demand it…your addiction can no longer limit who it is that you truly are for you are not your addiction! It was like an outfit that once fit and no longer does. You don’t even have to donate it to Good Will; simply choose another “YOU” outfit!

Author's Bio: 

Jyude Allbright is a wayshower. In her "Quantum Recovery Program," she assists persons in letting go of the prison of addiction and guides them to surrender to their magnificent, infinite selves!