I've come to believe that we are intelligent. By that I mean that part of us is part of a creative intelligence that created the universe. That intelligent part of us is the source of true inspiration. It is the source of major achievement because it gives us the vision of our heart's desire.

I've also come to believe that we created our bodies with an ability to be programmed. The program runs without intelligent intervention unless something out of the ordinary happens. Then we are alerted to fix the problem.

Unfortunately we are trained that our intelligence evolved. We are trained to believe certain, often unproven, concepts. The training is really programming.

We allow ourselves to be programmed by our parents, teachers, politicians, marketing gurus, preachers, etc. We lose our ability to identify ourselves. We lead lives of quiet mediocrity.

How can we break our programming? I'm advocating questionning. When we take in new information, ideas and opinions without question, we allow ourselves to be programmed. However, when we question: Is that true? Is that what I want? Is that what I want to believe? We stop the program and allow our intelligence to send in a new thought.

What makes you happy? Are you sure? Have you really questioned yourself? Have you asked yourself what success means to you? If so, you are one of the rare people who knows the true nature of being. You know the value of questioning your way to success.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Affolter is an expert in chiropractic, holds degrees in chemistry and business and is a licensed real estate agent. He authored From Paint Rags to Riches - Becoming a Real Estate Millionaire. His latest book, Dupe 'em and Dope 'em is scheduled for release in June.