Article written by Rocky Krogfoss

“If you want things in your life to change,
Then you are going to have to change things in your life”

Quantum Energy Healing
Healing the Emotional Body
Most people have very little understanding of what energy healing is. I will attempt to demystify the societal perception of energy healing in this article.
The human body produces an electro-magnetic energy field that acts like a magnet. Energy fields fluctuate depending on the type of information YOU are contributing. Healing is about facilitating the release of the past. Empowerment is about creating space for new beginnings.

Quantum Energy Healing is all about releasing old information and energy. When you merge this old information and energy together, it creates Beliefs. Information has been fed to you from the moment you were born. Our parents contribute a very large portion of information to our beliefs as we grow up. Society and the rules we follow download the other portion. This information has a bias attached to it. The bias contains loving information, (positive and supportive), or fear based information, (negative and judgmental).

Negative or positive information contains an energetic frequency that mirrors your life. If you think, speak, feel or believe something negative about yourself or others, you create a low frequency energy that manifests a fear based day-to-day reality. This day-to-day reality is very limited and stagnant; most people describe this life as living in survival mode. What they believe is the energy they transmit, and thus create.

How does this all relate to healing?

Healing is about reconnecting to the “feeling body”. In our society, we are subconsciously unaware of how much we avoid our feelings. Connecting to the feeling body is the only way to release old beliefs that create repetitious cycles of negative experiences. The average human has 80% of their beliefs based in fear and 20% in love. Feelings like anger, judgment, guilt and shame create a low frequency energy field that will magnetically attract to you the mirror equivalent of that energy in your daily life.

All negative emotions have their roots in unworthiness. Unworthiness is a low frequency energy field that creates stress in your nervous system. Alternative healing focuses on the root cause, (the beliefs), as the source that requires healing. Traditional Allopathic medicine focuses on diagnosis and treatment of the problem, not the source. Pharmaceuticals are designed to hide, deny, or cope with a feeling that needs attention. This stress in your nervous system manifests a wide variety of complications such as migraines, depression, anxiety, body pain, fibromyalgia, and dis-ease. Awareness and recognition of these damaged feelings is the first step in allowing the physical body the opportunity to release the information and its associated negative energy, to then be replaced with loving information of higher frequency energy.

There is a common saying that thoughts create your reality. Thoughts are actually a bi-product of your beliefs. (See Flowchart below) I say, it is your beliefs that create your reality. Like a computer, programmed information (beliefs), are stored on a hard drive. In your body, the Quantum DNA is your hard drive, so to speak.

Humans have a tremendous capacity to understand and access conscious energy. We are just beginning to get a glimpse of our potential. Healing and empowerment are critical tools of personal growth.

Healing is always a personal choice; no one can do it for you. The resistance felt when opening up your emotional body to FEEL, is very real and can be intense.

Authenticity, honesty, love, and forgiveness are the tools of choice when following a path of growth, and these tools will allow the resistance to fade away with ease and grace.
I have facilitated the immediate healing of long term pain and emotional suffering using these healing principles.

Healing migraine headaches, depression, fibromyalgia, joint and muscular pain, panic attacks, anxiety, and insomnia are available to you NOW. Healing is all about a personal choice to free oneself from unworthiness programming. All it takes is the courage to look within, without judgment of oneself and filling oneself with love. There is a place within each person where absolute peace exists. Subconsciously or consciously, we are all longing to return to this place of balance.

The Process of Creation Flowchart

Your Inner World

1) Intention Feeds Beliefs
2) Beliefs Feed Thoughts and Feelings

Your Outer World

3) Thoughts Feed Words, Feelings Feed Actions
4) Results

Healing, peace, and freedom are within your reach.

Rocky Krogfoss - Core Belief Energy Healer, Intuitive Counselor, Life Coach, Distance Healing

Rocky currently teaches a 3 day workshop series called:
The Law of Attraction Enhanced:
The Healing Power of Beliefs

Rocky also provides distance healing to people anywhere on the planet via phone or skype.

Written by Rocky Krogfoss

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Author's Bio: 

Rocky’s Journey – A Bio Brief
• Grew up in Port Alberni on Vancouver Island
• Lived a violent childhood, daily physical and mental abuse. I lived in absolute fear of my father every day.
• As the oldest of 5 boys at age 10, my mom left us behind with our dad. The boys were aged 1, 2, 4, 9, and 10. I was in charge of all cooking, cleaning, buying groceries, paying bills, and raising three young boys.
• I became the beaten mother, and developed a strong karmic attachment to women’s issues as a result of being exposed to my father’s extreme anger and abuse.
• I was bullied everyday at school. I was frightened to defend myself because I did not know how to defend myself.
• Everything changed when I was 17 and I was playing soccer, my only salvation during my childhood, and one of the many bullies was about to dirty tackle me. As if an angel touched me, I suddenly lowered my shoulder, and he was smashed to ground in quite a bit of pain. I absolutely was shocked but IT REALLY FELT GOOD to see this guy on the ground in pain. It changed my life in an instant, and the pendulum swung all the way over to the other side at that moment.

• In 1976, I left Port Alberni to go to school in Vancouver to get pre-apprentice electrical training. My life changed as a got bigger in size and strength. I moved to Vancouver and got a job as an apprentice electrician. I started to really like being big and strong.
• However, the anger in me manifested in my life as constant strain in all work place relationships, friends and teammates. I turned into a dirty player myself purposefully injuring many hockey and soccer players who pissed me off, which did not take much. My nickname in soccer was Red Card Rock...which meant I was tossed from many games for illegal tackles.
• The 1980’s were the time I partied my brains out, and my ego went completely loopy when I took on a job as a bouncer at several nightclubs on the weekends during my apprenticeship as an electrician. This put me directly in line with many beautiful women.
• I played the field sleeping with many, many women which was the ultimate act of disrespect to those women, and myself. A moment came in early 1984 where I woke up one morning and felt a giant energy of being very alone and I knew the time had come for the game to end. The conquests no longer filled me.
• I longed for a different woman, marrying material, and I met my wife in August 1984, and got married in December 1986, still a man caught up in my ego way out of balance. I honestly had no idea what real love was. I was still arrogant, righteous, angry and selfish. My life was about to change dramatically again on June. 26 / 1990.
• My angelic daughter was born in 1990. From the moment she was born my heart opened in ways I cannot explain. She is the greatest gift I could ever receive in this lifetime. She is the light of my life.
• I left my wife in 1993 by mutual agreement... it crushed me because of my daughter. My ex-wife is a good person and did not deserve the way I ignored her, but it was a gift to me to wake up as part of my journey to heal the feminine, my soul purpose.
• 1994 - I had a complete emotional breakdown that was pure hell on earth. It was if my angels flipped a switch and I went from the Rocky, the tough guy, I always knew to a man sucked down a dark hole of pure hellish emotional pain, a reflection of the hell in my life. I remember the day I witnessed this black hollow vortex and felt the cold steel blade of deep sadness slice through my heart. It was then I understood the concept of choosing to leave this planet. As a warrior soul, I choose to fight and seek help.
• Went through the traditional medical system, got nowhere and learned quickly that I had to heal myself, even if I did not have a clue how. At this time I also discovered the magic of alternative healing such as acupuncture and naturopath
• I was drawn and attracted to a woman named Linda Nardelli, healer and channel, she has been my saviour in terms of her healing gift, her love and devotion to me. Her healing gift exceeds all I have ever met since. I am largely who I am today as a result of my healer Linda, and my daughter Jenn.

• Through Linda, I came to meet my spirit guides, (guardian angels), and her team of spirit guides called Masian Dia. My spirit guide is named SETH. I have two others named Desia and Voh. They have all helped me release huge layers of guilt, shame, anger, resentment, loneliness, huge unworthiness issues, and began teaching the power of love and heart energy.
• I have recordings of many of those powerful emotional healing sessions; you have got to hear them. In 2003, they told me that I was a healer. I fell off my chair.
• Through walking my walk, I have learned the universal secrets of healing. I committed to my healing work for over a decade.
• The proof I needed that the loving and forgiveness form of healing that I had committed to works; came the day when I felt no anger towards my father anymore. It blew my mind. It felt absolutely freeing and empowering.
• I gained invaluable insight into the process of human life, purpose and experiences as a result of my ON THE JOB TRAINING.
• I was handed extremely valuable information on the human journey and the creation and manifestation process that all humans use to create their reality.

• 2004 -Became very interested in Quantum Physics. I actively researched past wisdom, Einstein, Maxx Planck, and others. More recently, I have followed the wisdom of esteemed talent like Gregg Braden, Lee Carrol, and Bruce Lipton. All have contributed to my workshops as they currently stand today.
• Studied the relationship between energy, emotions and the cellular body, and our physical and mental realities.
• 2005- Did my first “miraculous healing” by accident, at a home where a woman was in SEVERE pain from a migraine headache for 5 straight days.
• 2006 - Performed multiple healings on pain related issues, fibromyalgia, arthritis, bursitis, lower back and joint pain, any pain issue that seemed to have no medical solution. The clients who saw me were the ones traditional medicine had thrown on the “sorry, we can’t help you anymore” pile.
• 2007 – began healing emotional imbalances such as depression, chronic fatigue, severe stress, bi-polar, panic/ anxiety attacks with 100 % success
• 2008 – Performed my first distance healing on a woman in Massachusetts, with huge success. Her life was reborn after experiencing debilitating migraines virtually every day for weeks. She was on the verge of choosing to leave this planet.
• 2008 -Developed workshops on Energy Healing, Belief Systems, Mass Consciousness rules.
• 2010 - Created “The Law of Attraction Enhanced, Healing the Emotional Body” Workshops.
• Added the Quantum DNA aspects of consciousness creation to all workshop curriculum.
• 2011 - Performed mass healings in workshop settings, headaches, emotional trauma associated with the inner child, etc.
• 2012 - Expanded my base of operations to outside Vancouver going to Van. Island and the Interior.
• Started attracting many like minded individuals committed to truth in healing through advanced science and understanding of soul purpose.