To quickly resolve all home plumbing issues, it's best to equip yourself with a toilet plunger. Because it is so invaluable in the toilet, it is aptly named the "plumber's helper." It's a great asset, particularly when your toilet is clogged.

Types of plungers: There are several types of plungers you can successfully use to clean your toilet. Here they are:

• Cup plunger: This is the standard plunger used to unclog toilets. As the name suggests, it is a ball cut in half, resembling a rubber cup. The cup is positioned at one end of a wooden stick. The cup fits into the drain and works to unblock it. It also works well to clean sinks and tubs.

• Flange plunger: This type of plunger has a cup similar to the cup plunger that protrudes at the bottom. Though it primarily cleans drains, it also works well for drains that have small openings such as shower drains or bathroom sinks. It is also ideal for toilet drains.

• Accordion plunger: Again, in design, it is similar to the cup plunger, but here the difference is that the cup at the end of the stick is a small one. Being small, it fits well over the drains and works excellently to loosen the mess.

However, for best results, one has to ensure that the cup is well-adjusted on the drain. Else, the plunger can cause more of a mess than relieve it. It is a more powerful type of plunger than both the cup and flange type in unclogging your toilet.

• Suction plunger: This type of plunger is designed especially to unclog toilets and drains. The plunger head here is flat in shape. Together with the flexibility of the rubber used ensures it fits well on all toilet gulleys.

• Concertina plunger: The Concertina plunger goes one step ahead of the conventional cup plunger which is traditionally used to clean toilets, drains, sinks and baths. The concertina plunger has a deep body, engineered to increase the force of the water in each plunge that the plunger takes to loosen tough blockages.

• Hydro jet power pump: By using a jet of water, this different type of plunger cleans toilets and drains. Though it may need manual intervention to draw water into the toilet and throw it out into the drain, it is still the most effective and the best toilet plunger for its superior effectiveness.


To keep your home ticking in perfect order and have a well-functioning toilet, you need to have the best toilet plunger in an emergency that calls for unclogging the toilet. By using the plunger when necessary, you have a well-oiled toilet system that prevents your bathroom from being unnecessarily messy.

Invest in the best so that it works reliably and fits your toilet perfectly. Not only will you then save money by not needing to call in an expensive plumber, but you will not have to keep investing in good quality plungers. By keeping your toilet clean and unclogged, you will also maintain the hygiene levels that a home should always have.

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