Many automobiles originally Mazdas are known for their class. They have a fresh style and are sleek looking sports cars and family cars that most owners love. They like the stability of the drive train, the award winning safety features, and the price comparability to other vehicles. When it comes to maintaining their automobile, they have to make sure they do the car right and find the very best mechanic and the best parts for their baby as well. This is one of the reasons when something goes wrong with your car; you must take it to a Mazda dealer.

The Mazda service center especially offers various accessories and parts which no other vehicle manufacturer does. No other manufacturer should! So when it comes to something which breaks on your car or requires to be fixed, you have to make certain you go to a certified Mazda service center so that if they have to replace anything, they do so with a Mazda certified part. Complex parts such as the alternator, mirrors, tail lights and engine parts are a vital part of your Mazda. If you try putting one more manufacturer part in your Mazda, it will not work correctly.

Furthermore, if you have purchased your new Mazda 6 or pre-owned Mazda from a Mazda dealer, they must have a warranty on it. Several warranties would diverge by car, year and price, but for the most part, Mazdas have a three-year primary coverage for the factory warranty. The factory warranty is for if something happens to your car in those three years, you can take it to the Mazda dealer or Mazda service center and have your new Mazda 6 fixed without paying anything. If you do need to pay a fee it would be so small it will barely make a dent in your pockets.

You can also get them to install several other parts for you also. For example, on my Mazda I got the rear window wipers and several months back I went to the car wash, and the car wash, in fact, ripped the wipers off my car! I had no idea had to get these back on. When I mentioned it to the place which I bought the vehicle, they told me to bring the wipers in, and they'll install them for me! See it's the small things which count and the big things too, particularly when you have an excellent little warranty to lean against!

These Mazda dealers would do this no matter what your locality is. It can be Sydney Mazda or any other Mazda dealer! If you aren't sure if your Sydney Mazda dealership replaces lost, broken or repaired parts with certified Mazda service parts, only call and ask them, but I can nearly guarantee they do provide this service.
Despite the decline in demand for vehicles with rotary engines, Mazda was able to find a way to use them in some of their models. Instead of installing the rotary engine, Mazda has used them in sports cars. New Mazda 6 became the first recipient of this strategy in 1978 and was followed by the modern version RX-8. The company had also focused its attention on developing small and lightweight sports cars with a powerful piston-powered engine.

Mazda's efforts to develop this type of sports car resulted in the production of the Mazda Roadster or popularly known as the Miata, in 1989. The Mazda Roadster was then given credit for reviving the existence of small sports cars, which started to decline in the later parts of the `70s.

Mazda-Ford Partnership

Mazda Motor Corporation developed a partnership with Ford Motor Company when Mazda experienced financial turmoil in the 1960s. Ford became a willing investor, and the American car manufacturer earned a 7% financial stake in 1979, which had then increased to 27% during the `80s. Since Mazda had been suffering from financial difficulties, Ford continued to acquire some of the company's stakes, and in 1996 Ford was able to gain 33.4% of Mazda's financial stakes. These stakes, however, were sold by Ford in 2008, when the American car manufacturer was struck by the adverse effects of the world financial crisis. As a result, Ford reduced its involvement with Mazda's operation, which eventually allowed the Japanese car maker to handle its affairs and engage the global automobile market with the utmost independence.

Aside from acquiring Mazda's financial stakes, Ford was also involved in several projects with its newly established partner. Most of these projects were focused on the development of smaller cars and pickups. Aside from this, Mazda had also shared some of its resources with Ford. The Mazda Familia shared its platform with several Ford models, such as the Escort and the Laser. Mazda Capella's architecture was also used in Ford's Probe sports model and the Telstar sedan.

In addition to this, Mazda had also helped Ford develop some of its vehicles, including the Ford Explorer in 1991. In fact, Mazda also sold a similar car called the Mazda Navajo, but its sales became a failure. As a result, the Japanese car maker decided to discontinue sales of the Navajo. Mazda had also used the Ford Ranger as a base for its B-Series trucks. These vehicles were sold in the North American market from 1994 to 2010. Due to weak sales, Mazda decided to discontinue the production of the B-Series as-well.

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