Quality Center Training provides you with full working knowledge of the Quality Center. It’s all aspects starting from the Requirement phase to Defect phase. All these are well connected in terms of tracking and mapping .With the working knowledge of this tool almost all the tasks can be accomplished.

Among the project task the main streamline task is about managing the test cycle. This surely seems tiring and complex job if the job is done manually .This is the point where Quality center comes to rescue. Quality Center Training can help you to implement the testing cycle efficiently.

Quality Center has the following dimensions


Requirement coverage can also be monitored to see to what extend the project‘s requirement has been covered. Quality Center Training helps to manage the requirement tracking.

Test Plan:

Here you create the test plan with detailed step wise test cases. These test cases can be well managed in a hierarchical approach. Test Plan management can be done in a proper manner one can learn this skill by joining the Quality Center Training.

Test Lab:

The test cases created in Test Plan Tab can be exported here in a Test Lab for the execution purpose.


Defects can be logged into the system with all the necessary details .The snapshot can be attached and all the summary and information can be mentioned like if the bug is reproducible or not its severity and priority. Quality Center Training can be attended online or off-site as well.

Overall approach:

This one tool can make your life much simpler by its multitasking capabilities and all rounded coverage to know the maximum potential one can always join the Quality Center Training. Starting from the requirements phase start crafting your requirements into the Quality Center. You can create whole Software Requirement Specification (SRS) document using the document generator. After the requirement phase has carefully been designed. QC Training helps you how an SRS can be crafted via Quality Center. Then these requirements can be easily converted to test cases saving a lot time and also by this mean exact tracing of the requirement to test case can be made. Each Test case failing can be associated with the corresponding requirement .So things can be traced and tracked to their origin. Test Cases from test plan can be exported to a new area called test Lab to get them executed as per requirement. The Failed Test cases can be connected to the defects in defects tab. Quality Center Training can help you to get an idea how the whole testing process can be carried out easily by having tracking links together.

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We here at Training-Specialists.com are expert in providing hands on training on Tools that are considered important. Quality Center Training leads you to the job you have always dreamt of. This one tool is where the QA begins.