As they say, “If a hammer is the only tool you have then you will treat all your problems as nail”.

Same goes with Testing, if exposure to tools and their potential is limited then there is a high probability that many features of the product/project that remain untested or not enough testing is done for them.

Every Tool has its USP (Unique selling point). Different tools come into action at different times for different aspects of the project .We will be providing you with FULL WORKING KNOWLEDGE of these tools.

Highlights of Tools that we use in Quality Analyst Training :

HP Quality Center (QC)

HP Quality Center known as “Test Director” is a Tool by HP.

HP Quality Center is a Test Management Tool.

1. Requirement Management
2. Requirement to test case mapping
3. Test Plan creation and management support
4. Support for multiple projects at the same time
5. Linkage between the failed test case and defect
6. State can be monitored for any bug against a particular test case
7. Tracking of execution numbers that is Iterations and their log
8. Reporting and graph facility
9. Multiple Test execution states supported

Quick Test Professional (QTP)

Quick Test Professional is a Test Automation Tool of HP and was formerly acquired by Mercury


QTP helps in performing Automated Functional and Regression Testing

See are Qa Course Outline.

1) Record and Playback Feature
2) Supports only vbscript as scripting language
3) Supports both GUI based and script based automation

Load Runner

Load Runner is a Test Automation tool from HP


Load Runner is used for performance testing by simulating many users

I. Load Runner is a tool that simulates a situation where many users uses the system
II. Many scenarios can be created as per requirement
III. Many aspects can be tested like hits per second
IV. An ideal tool to put the system in a real world scenario and test is as how it will behave in real

Mantis Bug Tracker

Mantis is a free web-based bug tracking tool.

To manage bug related data
A. Multiple projects per instance
B. Supports for Projects , sun projects and categories
C. Change-log supported
D. Built-in reporting (Reports and Graphs)
E. Attachments can be saved on a web server or a backup can be made to an FTP account
F. Export to csv , excel and word format
G. Multiple plugins available to extend functionality

Snagit Screen capture

Snagit replaces the native print screen option.


Snagit is a screenshot program that displays video and audio output.
a. Image , Text and video capture
b. Edit
c. Share
d. Organize

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