The first and foremost quality that is the requirement of the surgical instruments is their accuracy.So the manufacturers and the different companies that make these instruments keep the taskat priority to make the instruments reliable and accurate. There are many companies that manufacture the instruments used in the surgical operations. The manufacturing process is not simple and it requires an extremely high profile excellence and also authorization from the specific department of the government of any country which ensure the quality production of the instruments. The surgical instrumentsused for the surgeries the human body, or for veterinary surgery purposes or for dental surgeries are different in their types and manufacture. The typical instruments are quite expensive and need expertise and special training to handle them. During the surgery the most important aspect is the precision of the tools that are used. The precision is not only acquired by the skill of the surgeon but also by the quality and accuracy of the instrument being used. Hence, the standard company for the purchase of the tools must be hired.

In Pakistan these instruments are mainly manufactured by the largest company known as the ‘surgical association of Pakistan’ which aimsto produce quality instruments and to protect and promote the art of surgical instrumentsmanufacture under qualified authority and experts. The surgical association comprises of more than 3000 members who administer the manufacture of the tools and there are more than 0.5 million workers that are employed for the manufacturing purposes andfinally the prepared instruments follow a certain number of tests before being marketed. A famous company in Pakistan that celebrates its success worldwide for the export of their specific surgical instruments is the Accuracy Surgical Limited.It comprises of completely integrated facilities for the manufacture of the surgical and dental surgery tools. They also deal in the manicure implements and hand tools. Their management is specialized forproviding quality production.They develop world class tools and instruments and they also implemented the ISO certification for their production.

The tools require not just specified shapes but they also require standard milling, grinding and polishing machines and special scissors grinding which are all managed by the company. The main goal of the hospital management should be hiring quality machines,having best manufactured surgical instruments, having an authentic medicinal and drug stock, hiring an expert staff and not the least, employment of the best doctors, nurses and surgeons to addto the perfect standard of the hospital. Any type of sub-standard investment in any of these necessary requirements can be lethal and can cause a serious damage to the lives of the people. The surgical tools should be handled with great care and expertise so thatthe people might get benefit from the facility of medical improvement during the last century and the lives of people might get saved to a larger extent. The list of these tools should be updated accordingly as the modification of them are acquired by the inventors.

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