Hair transplant is the surgical transfer of hair from the scalps of the head or any part of the body to the bald area. Hair loss is a ubiquitous problem and more than 80% of people are dealing with it now a day. It is performed with two methods follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplantation. It is an expensive treatment, but it has long-lasting effects. To deals with male pattern baldness, receding hairline, mustache, and beard hair loss it is a good suggested option by the doctors. Rare chances of risks make it the most demanding and preferable treatment.
A hair transplant is a crucial surgery as it involves appearance. If a person is planning to go for a hair transplant, he must consider qualified and well-trained doctors to get better results. The patient must check if the doctor has specialized knowledge or not. Full knowledge is the primary requirement to diagnose the condition of the patient and the type of hair fall. A doctor with good communication skills can convince and satisfy a patient and leaves a good impression on others. Another quality that is mandatory to check is experience. Some doctors are specialized in this field, but practice occasionally. Only a surgeon who practices regularly can produce exceptional results with a sprinkle of experience. Extensive experience of postoperative and preoperative is important to get the best results. A good surgeon possesses the quality of teamwork and leadership skills. This skill is essential to manage the team because the outcome of teamwork is always exceptional. A surgeon also must have modern and advanced equipment with proper knowledge of handling them.
The patient’s condition also matters in quality results like the density of hairs. A patient with thick hairs is more likely to get good results because dense hairs will cover more area with less number of grafts. Patient with light hairs or the color almost matches their skin can get better results as compared to the patient with dark hairs. The age of the patient also matters because the healing process and rate of hair growth are relatively high in young people as compared to old ones. People after 25 years of age are eligible for hair transplants. There are many more factors like the diameter of follicles, medical history, etc.
The satisfaction of a patient is above all and a doctor should ensure that the patient is satisfied with the treatment. A doctor must examine scalps and hairs carefully to give a suitable treatment. A person goes for a hair transplant in order to get rid of baldness and tension of hair fall. The surgeon should put his all efforts to give a perfect outcome and new hair should perfectly match with the previously existing hair because a fake look would be more embarrassing. Medication plays a key role to give the expected outcome. After surgery, hairs may take 3 to 4 months to regrow, but medicine like minoxidil and biotin can promote hair growth and helps to give the results a little early. The doctor can also prescribe some anti-biotic and anti-inflammatory medicines in order to avoid post-surgery complexity. Redness and swelling at both donor and recipient sites are normal, but it should not be visible after 3 months. In the life of hustle and bustle, it has become difficult to spare too much time for lengthy treatment. So doctors should not drag the treatment and try to complete the procedure in a minimum session because precise sessions are the priority of patients. The objective of quality results is patients’ satisfaction, less time consuming, and natural.
Hair transplant is like an art that a doctor performs while considering the face, age, the density of hairs, and style of the hairline to give quite a natural look to a patient. The outcome can be expected and unexpected. It depends on the doctor and the patient himself plays a crucial role in it by following the precautionary measures. To get a hair transplant in Lahore, there are many qualified hair restoration surgeons but most people prefer to get it done from an experienced doctor. Those who want to know more in detail click the link

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