The quality of the furniture lasts on the quality of wood that is used to make that furniture. It is extremely important to choose the best wood while making wood furniture. There are various types of wood available in the market which is used to make furniture. These can be divided into hardwood and softwood. Shisham, teak, rosewood, etc. are the main kinds of wood that are typically preferred by carpenters. One does not have to be a carpenter or have great knowledge to recognize and differentiate between good wood that can be used to build long-lasting and durable furniture. Even a layman can recognize good furniture wood. Look for the following properties of wood to determine whether or not it can be used to make furniture.

When making a piece of furniture and spending a lot of your money, your first expectation is that the furniture should be durable. There are two types of wood called hardwood and softwood. Hardwood is often used to make furniture as it is air dried and kiln dried and is often more durable and long-lasting. Softwood, on the other hand, is sometimes more prone to getting scratches. However, some variations of softwood are also a great option for making furniture depending upon the requirements. Another kind of wood that is now being widely used is engineered wood. However, it is not as long-lasting. At the same time, it is cheaper, so depending upon your requirements, you can choose the wood that is suitable.

Most people fail to check whether the wood they are using is water resistant or not. The best wood that one can use to make furniture is that which is water resistant. Wood that is used to make furniture in places like the kitchen or even in humid places has to be water resistant, or it will decay and get destroyed very easily. Engineered wood and plywood are often not as water resistant as solid wood. It can be easily destroyed by water. However, it is important to remember that not all furniture needs to be water resistant. Thus, depending upon your requirements, you can choose the wood that is suitable for you.

Furniture is often carved upon to make it look pretty and decorative. While choosing the kind of wood that you will be using to make furniture, it is important that you check whether or not the wood can be carved upon. Hardwood is the best wood to carve designs onto. Softwood can also be carved, but one has to be careful as it can easily get scratches. Engineered wood often comes in beautiful shapes and designs so even though they can’t be carved upon, they can be made into beautiful furniture anyway.

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The kind of wood you use to build your furniture plays a huge role in how the furniture will turn out. One must make a note of all his expectations out of the furniture he wants to be made and then choose the wood accordingly.