Hair transplant is the surgical procedure that includes implanting donor grafts taken from the scalp region or body part to the recipient bald area. As a bit expensive technique, the patient spends 4000$ to 15,000$ on it and seeks for qualities of best hair restoration results. It is the latest hair restoration technique accepted widely, it mainly includes two major types’ i.e. follicular unit transplant and follicular unit extraction. Later being the less invasive, cosmetically approved procedure, becoming the most demanding and preferable technique. It has a high success rate with minimal side effects.
Qualities of the best result depend upon several factors listed below:
1. Surgeon related factors: They are numerous some are mentioned below
• Skills of surgeon: If the surgeon selected is more skillful and has the highest expertise then more desiring results are achieved. The esthetic skills of a surgeon should be beyond expectations in order to put grafts at right angles so that a more natural appearance can be made. It is a major factor upon which qualities of the best hair transplant result depends.
• Decision-making abilities: A surgeon with a careful understanding of a patient's status and knowledge of extracting appropriate numbers of grafts for harvesting and having the ability to make appropriate decisions accordingly can gain positive outcomes.
• Use of equipment: A surgeon having advanced equipment and proper knowledge of handling of equipment can produce exceptional results.
• Teamwork of professionals: It is teamwork of expert professionals. A combined effort is essential for success.
2. Patient-related factors: Most common of them are;
• Patient's age: Age of patient, a young patient has rapid healing and graft implantation and survival rate is more so the standard qualities of best results can be gained in young patients as compared to older adults above sixty years of age who are atherosclerotic.
• Texture of hair: Thick hair gives a denser implanted area and the number of grafts harvested will be less in such type of hair.
• Rate of growth of follicles: The greater the rate of growth of hair follicles, the better the results are obtained.
• previous surgeries: A patient with more scars from previous surgeries i.e. from follicular unit transplant (FUT) is less likely to produce good results
• Causative factors of baldness: Burns, chemotherapy, hair loss due to severe trauma, excessive baldness due to autoimmune disease affect results of surgery.
• Lifestyle of patient
• Healing of area involved in the transplant
• Postoperative care and precautions followed by the patient.
MAJOR QUALITIES OF hair restoration result
Patient satisfaction is the key factor among qualities of the best hair transplant result. A patient undergoing a transplant procedure may want less number of sessions in some cases he may ask for results in a single session and quicker recovery. So in order to save time-limited treatment sessions become a priority for most of the patients having transplant procedures. Best surgical procedures make it easy for patients to return to work. Medications play an important role to get the best results. Minoxidil is prescribed by the surgeon postoperatively to be used by the patient for better hair growth. If a patient is using a combination of treatments along with surgical transplantation of hair, then several benefits including faster results, thicker hair, and more hair growth are obtained. This adds to the patient's successful results. From day 1 to day 3 the patient feels little to no pain and on the 9th-day grafts are lodged into the scalp properly. After two weeks shedding some hair occurs. Hair growth occurs after two months of surgery. Approximately, 80% of hair loss is restored within 3 to 4 months of transplant which can level up to 99% after four and a half months. The patient should not suffer from any pain, scarring, redness, and swelling after three to four months. The newly grown hair should resemble the naturally occurring hair and act as a scalp's native. The results aimed to achieve the patient's goal and expectations i.e. less time-consuming and tiring, give a natural appearance, early recovery, and high growth of hair.
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