Sunsets are a wonderful opportunity to linger over all the moments in your day for which you are grateful, and prepare to embrace the yinness (softness, darkness) of the night.

If you usually exercise in the morning, try switching to the evening time to perform Chinese yoga (qi gong), tai chi or other forms of energy healing exercises.

As you gaze upon the setting sun, inhale slowly and raise the arms slowly to the sides with palms up as you reach above the head to grab an imaginary ball of warm, sunset energy.

Exhale as you drop the arms in front of your body as if moving that imaginary ball of sunset energy through the body, down the legs and out the feet.

Perform this movement three times.

Next, inhale through the nostrils consciously filling through the lower abdomen for a slow count of nine.

Hold for a count of five.

Exhale deeply through the nostrils, consciously contracting the lower abdomen as you push the air out of the lungs.

Perform this breath work three times.

As you continue to watch the sun set, observe the changing frequencies of color as the skies shift shades of orange.

Place your hands on your spleen, beneath the left rib cage, and imagine all the shades of red and orange nourishing the spleen and grounding your energy.

Feel the warmth from your hands, flooding inward.

Continue to stand and watch the sunset, feeling an infusion of peace and warmth increase.

Once the sun has set, gently perform Chinese yoga circle walking by walking in a heel toe pattern for a count of 28 steps in a circle, reverse directions and do the same in the other direction.

Hands should be placed, palm over palm facing inward on the abdomen, about an inch or two below the belly button.

Breathe through your nostrils deeply and fully, contracting the abdomen as you exhale and allowing the oxygen to fill up all the way down to your stomach when you inhale.

Walk in the circle (both directions) for a total of nine times.

As you walk, bring your mind to each step and consciously focus on the sensation of your foot rolling from heel to toe as you shift weight as you walk.

Consciously relax your knees and shoulders.

For each circle you make with 28 steps, you may wish to use a mantra or self talk affirmation to create even more positive energy. Examples include:

“I give myself a healthy and fit body.”

“I am grateful for (fill in the blank).”

“I am filled with love, warmth and empowerment.”

“I give myself the gift of peace and connection to earth.”

“I manifest my deepest desires and dreams in this moment.”

“I am loved and safe.”

As you finish your last circle and mantra, stand with hands still on the lower abdomen, and consciously store the wonderful evening energy by imagining this sunset energy flooding inward and calming you for the evening time activities.

Author's Bio: 

Kay Hutchinson is a certified advanced instructor of medical qi gong, and has a clinical practice of acupressure, qi gong and herbal medicine. She offers life coaching from a Taoist perspective integrating movement and meditation to help people fulfill their potential. Visit her virtual qi gong studio at