Testing needs careful planning and implementations of techniques. Its due to testing the software is being verified and validated what functionality it must perform .There are a number of testing available and putting all your resources in linear manner will not serve the purpose. QA Training can train to understand the concept and implementation of testing techniques.

Instead of waiting for one testing to wind up and then to start with the other it is better to split the testing.

We could have a few approaches to follow as splitting the testing

1) Independent Teams

Splitting the team to test independent components. After the logical modules have been laid down and segregated. These with some of other techniques can be learned in Quality Assurance Training. They can be isolated in terms of the functionality they perform .Each independent split team could become the owner of the some particular module depending on their logical grouping. Individuals can also refine their skills by joining QA Training.

2) Follow up Teams

Let one team start with testing and then the follow up to the very team ‘task need to be tested by another team .There are many techniques that helps to test well and these could be learnt well by QA Training .Teams could be divided into groups with one starting pre sooner than another. Once the first team has completed testing for one module and bugs have been verified for those that the module is available to be picked by the second team testing with a different set of attributes.

3) Dedicated Teams

Bug life cycle is important and one can get a thorough understanding of BLC by attending QA Training. One part of the team needs to be dedicated to bug verification as an independent tester. This must not necessarily mean that you may dedicate an equal number of resource 20 -80 ratios would do fine. Quality Assurance Training is also for corporate teams. As the main purpose of the testing has uncovered the bugs and let them get fixed. QA Training can be customized for corporate teams if needed.

Maximize your testing potential:

Even with limited resources the coverage would be maximum right from the start rather being a variable that keeps low in the beginning reach the maximum threshold in the middle and then dropping low in the end .This type of graph indicates wastage of resources and effort that resources have not been uniformly utilized. These could be learned well by attending QA Training.

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