Whenever a consumer buys a product, his/her whole experience depends upon the product’s quality. Just imagine, if someone buys earphones but the sound quality is poor. What kind of experience would that be for a user? The answer is obvious and the same applies to almost any product, be it a physical object or a software. To prevent users from facing such situations, quality assurance and testing are necessary. Through this process, the QA team verifies the product’s compliance with the functional requirements. In Investopedia, it is defined as a “process through which a business seeks to ensure that product quality is maintained or improved, and manufacturing errors are reduced or eliminated”. With the mission to help establish cost-effective quality frameworks with the goal of facilitating the overall success to their consumers, QA Mentor, a software testing company, is a global leader in Software Quality Assurance and Testing.

QA Mentor was founded back in 2010 with a vision to help different QA departments around the world in different organizations, and to streamline and improve their QA processes. QA Mentor is all about guidance, mentorship, support, training, providing strategic directions to the organizations who want to mature their QA processes and bring the QA function to the next level. This is also a reason the company was named QA Mentor….for more information click on https://bit.ly/2xDOftt

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