Introduced just 5 years ago to make up for the deficiencies of native apps, Progressive Web Apps have evolved over this short time from a sketch or an essay in the field into a viable rival to them. PWAs are websites behaving like apps, so they combine the best of the two worlds. They don’t need installation, weigh little, can operate fairly well under bad internet connection conditions, and are easily discoverable by search engines. Besides, they can be run on all smartphones with any screen size and operational system.

Because of their numerous fortes, PWAs expand their reach conquering ever-wider audience of e-commerce ventures and their customers both of which have learned to appreciate the flexibility and native-like user experience they grant. Although Apple exhibits lukewarm attitude to the novelty, other high-tech manufacturers are more enthusiastic about it, furnishing new challenges for software developers. One of the tasks they have to solve while building a PWA is creating a Progressive Web App splash screen.

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