Stress is extremely dangerous enemy not only to our health but also to our self-esteem, attractive appearance, positive thoughts and positive attitude towards the world. It has a powerful impact on the entire personality in all its aspects. Stress affects negatively both psychologically and physically.
If you do not control the stress it may infiltrate and conquer your mind and you may find yourself in treacherous, vicious circle of imbalance and disturbed harmony. Here are some tips how to cope with stress, how to prevent it and how to overcome our weakness and vulnerability.
When you feel a little tired, a good massage is an effective method of relaxation and relief from stress and tension. Massages make us more vivid, they restore our strength and are extremely good source of positive energy. Take a massaging ball with spikes. Squeeze it and mash it with hands for several minutes, then massage your feet with it. You can also use another tool for massage. Such gentle massage stimulates the reflex zones and improves the overall condition of the body.
Rosemary also has invigorating effect. You need only a few small drops of rosemary oil to add to the bathwater. The fragrant oil refreshes and revitalizes the whole body. It has a very strong effect on the nervous system and brain.
If you feel overwhelmed by the daily stress and have melancholic mood and depressive thoughts, do not hesitate to eat a spoonful of honey. Whether you will put it on a slice or will take it directly, the honey is a source of great energy. The fruit sugar it contains goes directly into the blood and thus the concentration increases.
What is also a very effective method against stress is yoga. It is perfect for relaxation and restoring of the internal balance of the body. Yoga exercises have a calming effect. Stand straight with arms stretched upwards. Start squeezing your hands while wrapping one leg to another and hold in this position twenty seconds. Repeat this 3-4 times.
Chill-out music is very good for delay and balance of the heart rate. When we are emotionally excited it would be good to listen to slow music for at least 20 minutes in order to calm down. You can also sing for a while for a better effect-thus the negative thoughts are released.
Sport is the best way to discharge stress. No matter what sport you practice, there will be effect. You will really feel much better emotionally and physically, if you spend few hours weekly doing some kind of sport. Movement stimulates the metabolism in our body, keeps your muscles and makes us feel better. Moderate exercises strengthen the body, improve our appearance and raise our confidence

Sometimes sport isn't enough however, so you need to check out therapy as an option. Here in Denmark, the term for that is psykoterapi . To learn more about that, you can browse this resource.

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My name is Sawas Dee. I'm of Filipino origin , but I'm currently residing in Denmark. I do a lot of freelancing and my subject of interest is psychology and therapy.