Let’s think about that title for a minute: “Putting thoughts to birth.” How do you put a thought to birth, you ask? Some of you may have watched the film, “Frequency” starring Dennis Quaid. In the film, the main character was somewhat able to travel through time via frequency radio. Each time he did, he was able to change the course of events by communicating future event information to his father.

Essentially, he was able to plant the notion of what may come and in doing so, his father was successfully able to thwart negative events from occurring. Of course that was just a Sci-Fi flick, but in reality, if we plant the thought of what we want to see happen, we have the capability to make those things come into fruition. In that same instance, we have the capacity to transform the outcomes that we want to achieve in our not-so-distant futures.

How do we put thoughts to birth? Turning water into wine may take an act of God, but making lemonade out of lemons only takes a little effort if we give it a try. When was the last time you really wanted something so badly that you were willing to do just about anything to get it? I know a lot of you might say that you have, but how many of you have actually acquired that “thing” or that goal that you wanted? If you put your thought to birth, then you successfully planted the seeds of action to manifest your heart’s desires. You must birth your idea to give it the freedom to spread its wings and fly. If you have bottled it up in your mind and allowed it to stay hidden, then it is just that: an idea that has nowhere to grow. It is an unborn thought. What is it that you truly want to change in your life?

A client once asked me, “Joan Marie, you make change happen so effortlessly. What is your secret?” My secret is no secret at all. Change is never easy. In fact, it is one of the most difficult tasks to man. Even if we look at the literal and figurative birth of a thought in relation to an infant, it is a major transition. We go from the comfort of a safe and comfortable space, knowing our surroundings, understanding that we are being cared for, to rapidly having to move forward into an unknown territory. Suddenly, we are having to deal with a whole new set of responsibilities and circumstances. The comfort, however, is knowing that this new territory is a better place – a larger place where we can expand and grow in so many new ways. Life opportunities are unlimited when we are no longer afraid to put our thoughts to birth and go with the flow of change. That is the real secret.

I believe, as should you all, that when you put your thoughts and words to action, dreams can and will become reality. It is never a matter of whether you can or cannot; more so, a matter of whether you truly want to or not.

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Putting Thoughts to Birth
By Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl

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Learn more about Certified Master Intuitive Joan Marie Whelan –Intuitive Counseling and Intuition Coaching Specialist