A Paramedic is a skilled professional who lends a hand to the physicians and at the same time also works independently, in specialized areas for superior diagnosis and therapy. These are the key players in the Healthcare domain. Without paramedics, the complete Health industry can go paralytic and become non-functionary. If there were no Paramedics, there would be no money/profit for physicians, hospitals, private clinics, etc. (in general the whole health sector).

So come and explore this promising profession and ascertain the great territory of health care facilities. It is a very lucrative profession with a guaranteed return on the investment and an immense job satisfaction.

Deciding on an Institute

The choice of an institute is one of the major factors in the progress of a potential future in the field of Paramedical Science. An organization must be recognized from a distinguished university, must be in possession of the most knowledgeable and competitive faculty. One such institute confirming to all the above sited prerequisites is Wellwishers Academy.

Well Wishers Academy has originated from the house of Marvel Group which includes brands like Mother’s Pride, Presidium, Adiva, The Knowledge Tree, and Sparsh. The academy aims at guiding the healthcare professionals in paramedical sciences.

Course Overview

The Masters of Paramedic Science is for people seeking an advanced career option as a paramedic officer.

The broad-based program at university level is part of a move to make sure that all paramedic officers have the required skills, awareness and attitude to facilitate them to provide emergency pre-hospital care of a refined nature and ensure seamless care from site to hospital and even once the patient is admitted inside.

The 2 year program is open to all applicants, who have graduated in sciences or any professional healthcare degree from an accredited institute.

Course Objective

The aim of the Masters of Paramedic Science is the dissemination of a broad based training which encompasses the understanding and skills mandatory for paramedic practice. This exhaustive course curriculum aims to make sure that the graduates are prepared to perform efficiently as health care professionals and realize the roles and constraints of other health care professionals.

The course also aims to persuade decisive thinking and resourcefulness, through the widespread use of problem based learning and clinical simulations, to make certain professionals are job ready for the demands of paramedic practice and have the aptitude to examine and question current practices. The course also aims to promote a level of dedication to professionalism and imbibes values of honesty, empathy and integrity.

With a dream of refurbishing the healthcare industry and take care of millions, we at Wellwishers academy are here to work towards improvisation of the healthcare sector.

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Wellwishers academy training healthcare professionals in the latest developments in Medicine by its Paramedical courses and Ultrasound Training and CT/MRI Training. Paramedical courses include more Programmes like: Masters in Paramedical Courses