It always helps to remember that the Law of Attraction doesn't play favorites. The truth is, while the Universe is in a sense conscious, it does not understand judgement, it simply understands energy. All the Law of Attraction does is allow situations to manifest in your life that are close to or of the same energy frequency and type of emotion.

I'll give you an example; say you've got a few kids, and you're helping them get ready for their day, making sure they've brushed their teeth, etc. When you're finally done with that, you're stressed and worried about your children, but you're also on your way to your job, where you dread going because you hate your boss. You're also paying attention to the slow-moving but sporadic traffic. You don't want anyone behind you to honk at you or be upset with an absent-minded driver. In other words, you're having a pretty normal day in your life. Your mind starts projecting into the day and looking toward the fires you may have to put out, your long "to do" list, and how you would like to find an excuse to not attend the boring staff meeting. At this point, you're halfway to work, and you're already extremely stressed, having already projected your intentions far into the day, most likely to tasks you have to accomplish in the next week.

Did you see how many feelings built up over such a small period of time? At this point you would be so immersed in your automatic reactionary thinking to tasks and events that there would probably not be a fully conscious moment until you had time to relax by yourself. Trace back over the energy, rushing, annoyance, aggravation. Not much good can come of this lineup of energy. At this point you need to take a deep breath and choose a more conscious level of existence. When you can stop yourself in your tracks, you are giving yourself the ability to choose how you want to feel. There are countless moments in your day where you have the power to embrace freedom and choice, your own will.

No one can completely change who they are overnight. It takes time and effort. It takes quite a lot of effort to become as powerful as you were before you were born. It is said that we have 60,000 thoughts per day and that over two-thirds of those thoughts are repeated thoughts. It's no mystery why our minds as well as our lives tend to get better or worse in slow increments, barring any extraordinary circumstances. Internalizing and mastering the Law of Attraction can help you in many ways, such as being able to create wonderful circumstances and Law of Attraction Love Relationships.

It's time to master the Law of Attraction in your life. It takes some practice, but it's easier than you realize. It's time to evolve your potential and bring your gifts to the world. The Universe will see your improvement and "reward" you, that is, you will manifest experiences that match the energy of your expectations for life. When you notice yourself straying back to anxious thoughts, intentionally interrupt that pattern and choose a better thought.

Learn more about yourself by attempting to create the world around you. Once you believe that you can change yourself and your surroundings, the easier it gets to embrace your powerful nature as a meaningful creator.

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Nanette Geiger is a Law of Attraction Coach and author of many books and articles focusing on Relationships, the Law of Attraction and Self-Mastery.

Nanette's new course, Breakthrough to Abundance Blueprint, uses Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, and the Law of Attraction to provide you with cutting-edge tools to evolve your mind. More helpful resources and information at her site: