Does success always bring happiness?

The last two times I examined aspects of “purpose”, “success” and “suffering”.

Now I will examine these from the angle of whether your life is in sync with the universe and if you are at peace. In reference to Amy Winehouse, I suspect she was not at peace. Even at the relatively tender age of 27, she was successful, a star, but not at peace. In fact there are indications of a sad depression, and ultimately, a sad story. It seemed that the thrills of drugs could not work. Why do we suffer?

Some years ago I felt I was obeying the laws of success as I understood them then. I was on the path of running my own business, from very humble beginnings and as things seemed to be getting somewhere I started to feel very distracted, tired, not really sick, but not well. I started having sleeping problems and whatever the sleep disorder was, I just could not get a good night sleep except in rare occasions. I got prescribed sleep aids but they did not help much. I went as far as to double up on the dosages just to see if things could work…all in the hope of a good night sleep. But it was largely elusive.

I tried “natural” methods, especially as I feared getting addicted to prescribed drugs. I changed the position of the bed, my position on the bed, the room in which I slept, etc., and it all came to nothing. I then suggested to my doctor that I should try an antidepressant. This may have worked a night but the main thing is that for the two months I tried it (I will not state the brand), especially in the first week, I felt at times I was going to die. I became very aware of the massive power of these small pills, and obviously their danger, and it was scary!

After two months I decided to stop them. I did not visit the doctor and did not discuss with her, I just stopped. There had to be a better way. So I found a better way. Not sure I can relate how exactly but at the start it involved visiting a Science of Mind Temple and then being introduced to a method of relaxation / meditation that helped to quiet my mind which was so overactive.

From there I took the responsibility for my happiness, found some peace and now able to share with others how they can come to terms with emptiness and suffering, especially when all material accomplishments suggest that happiness should be the order of the day.

There are a few ways to recognize this emptiness. There are ways to come to terms with it. And there are ways to break free of the suffering caused by overemphasizing material and other attachments. There is a way to experience the bliss and to allow more of it into our daily lives. If you can identify, and if you care we can share the journey together.

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