The purpose that we all have on this earth can change as we change; similarly to how the weather can change. From one moment to the next, what one wants to do and achieve, can alter. And then there are certain dreams and expressions that one has, that never seem to change and always remain.

These are there for the duration and will not simply be go away; until they have been expressed and achieved. One might feel this in their heart or as an inner knowing.

However, although one might know within what they want to do; there are often internal and external challenges. And these can have the potential to completely derail one from achieving their inner calling.

Is It Important?

What one can then come to contemplate is: do my dreams matter? This can be asked at a conscious level or it might lead one to simply giving up and sabotaging their growth altogether. Here one will unconsciously undermine their achievements.

If one were to come to this conclusion, it could probably be the result of what one has learned from others and over time what one has then internalized. Once it has been internalized, like a parasite, it can become who one is.


One is then likely to experience conflict; both on the inside and on the outside. And this is due to what they truly want, being covered up and not being expressed. The expression can not only be covered up from others, it can also be covered up from oneself.

There is then a lack of coherence or harmony and one is then left to wonder how all these parts can be brought together and how the conflict can be put to an end.

Is There Another Way?

For one to have a different internal and external experience, one has to be shown another way or to know that another way exists. It might be that in their heart they know that another way exists, if only they could get their mind on board.

If one is shown another way through the assistance of another person or people; they can gradually begin to change their perception of their external reality. And of how they perceive themselves from within.

As the process continues one can begin to get a clearer a connection from the knowing that they have within or one can gain for the first time a connection to what is within. This could be called the heart or just an inner knowing. What is it called is irrelevant; what matters is having this connection.

The Ego Mind

One of the biggest challenges here is in getting the ego mind to work with the heart or the inner knowing. The ego mind is defining what one sees and what one doesn't see in the outside world and within.

The dreams that one has and the purpose that one wants to continually fulfil is within. It does not operate on whether it would be safe to be expressed - like the ego mind does.

As long as something is familiar and therefore safe, the ego mind feels comfortable and will not cause any conflict or create fear. The problems arise when what the ego mind has come to associate as safe is in direct opposition to what one truly wants. The ego mind could feel comfortable and yet one could be dying inside.

And it is out of this conflict that so much pain and suffering is created. If these two aspects were working together, it would put to an end a lot of unnecessary drama and pain.


This means that as long as something is associated as familiar and safe to the ego mind, then its survival will be ensured. And when the ego mind feels accepted and approved of, it feels safe. However, what the ego mind has come to associate as safe may have very little to do with ones present life or what is actually true in the present day.

The reasons for this is that these associations of what is safe and what is not safe, are usually formed during the very beginning of one's life. This was a time when one was a dependent, powerless and vulnerable child.

And this meant that one had to be acutely aware of others and to the degree that their own needs and wants may have had to of been compromised, to guarantee their own survival.

The Defining Factor

What can be the defining factor here is how aware ones caregivers or the people in their early environment were. If, as a child, one was around people who were aware of their own needs and wants and could therefore listen to the Childs needs and wants; it would enable the child to from an inner connection.

If this doesn't happen and the caregivers are out of sync with their own needs and wants, then the child has to ignore and deny these needs in favour of the caregivers wants and needs.

The child will then learn from a very early age, that its wants and needs are not important, what is important is in fulfilling the needs and wants of others. Ones ego mind will then begin to form associations around this and come to conclude that this is what is familiar and therefore safe.


As a result of this, one's attention will become outer directed and this will cause one to be hyper vigilant to the needs and wants of others. It is then only natural to see another person's wants, needs and the purpose of another, as being more important than one's own wants, needs and purpose.

And as this meant ones ego mind learnt at an early age to only feel safe when it comes to fulfilling another's person wants and needs; it may mean that one now feels unsafe to follow their own purpose.

Our Purpose

Through becoming aware of our needs and wants and what we feel in our heart; it will become clear that they will not be silenced or forgotten. Our ego mind may try to blind us with memories and associations of the past, but these are not the truth.

Each one of us has a purpose that is different and although some peoples purpose may seem grander or superior to others; we are all part of the same whole. And this means that, neither one of us, is more or less important than the other.

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My name is Oliver J R Cooper and I have been on a journey of self awareness for over nine years and for many years prior to that I had a natural curiosity.

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