While there are some people who wake up in the morning with a sense of purpose, there are others who don’t. If someone does, their life is likely to be far more fulfilling than it would be if this wasn’t the case.

A Reason

One way of looking at it would be to say that they have a reason to get up each day, and they are not going to want to waste their life. As a result of this, it might be a challenge for them to take time off.

If they do, this could be a time when they will be thinking about what they will do when they get back. Therefore, although their body will be on holiday, their mind will be responding in the same way as it usually does.

From The Outside

Based on how they behave, it could seem as though they are just a workaholic, and this could be the case. However, what is can also show is that they are simply in touch with why they are here.

This connection is then going to be what will drive them forward and allow them to embrace each day that comes. Yet, this is not to say that there won’t be moments in their life when they will overlook certain needs.

The Priority

But as they are focused on their own purpose, it is going to be normal for this to take place. And, if this was to take place on a regular basis, it would be essential for them to make sure they find time to meet the rest of their needs.

It is often said that balance is the key to life, but it is not always going to be possible for this to occur. For example, if one was at a stage of their life where they had to learn something new, it is going to be natural for them to put others things to one side for a short while.

A Strong Connection

When one is connected to their purpose, this could be how their life has been for as long as they can remember. This could then mean that they won’t be able to connect to how their life was before.

Or, their life might not have been this way for very long, and they might be only too aware of how it was. What this could then show is that it was during their adult years that they were able to find something to get out of bed for.

From The Start

If one’s life has been this way for a long time, they might have had a clear idea of what they wanted to do when they were at the beginning of their life. The decisions they made during this time would then have been a reflection of this.

This may have meant that they ended up going to university or took part in some kind of training. At this time, the people around them may have been surprised by how clear they were about what they wanted to do.

Later On

On the other hand, if one became aware of their purpose during their adult years, their early years may have been a time when they felt a bit lost. They may have gone to university, or they might have just got a job.
But regardless of what they did, it wouldn’t have been because they felt a strong need to take this route. It could have just come down to the fact that other people were going, or that this is what someone suggested.

Out of Nowhere

Time would then have passed and they would have gradually become aware of what their purpose is. If one can relate to this, they may find that what they did before prepared them for what they are now doing.

At the time, it could have been as if they were on the wrong course, but as time has passed, they will see that they have been on the right course all along. And, while they could believe that their purpose involved doing one thing, it might also include a number of things.


When it comes to what they do in life, it might allow them to receive a lot of attention from others. Yet even if it does, this is not going to be the reason they do; if it was, they would be doing something for the wrong reason.

What this comes down to is that although human beings have the need to receive attention, they also have other needs. But if one has a strong need for attention, they could end up doing something in order to receive attention from others.


Now, this could mean that they will have achieved a certain level of success doing something, or they could be someone who jumps from one thing to another. When it comes to what they will be drawn to, it can all depend on what people value at any given moment.

There are going to be things that come and go, and things that are generally seen as being high status. And, through having such a strong need for approval, they are going to overlook what really matters to them.

A Deeper Look

If one does behave in this way, what it could come down to is that they didn’t get their needs met when they were younger. During their early years, they may have been neglected, and this would have stopped them from receiving the attunement that they needed to develop.

What they didn’t receive when they were growing up is then what they are trying to receive as an adult. But now that they are an adult, it is not going to be possible for them to receive what they missed out on all those years ago.


If one can relate to this, it can mean that they will be carrying a lot of emotional pain within them. This pain will relate to their unmet childhood needs, and this pain might need to be faced and cried out.

The assistance of a therapist may be need here.

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